Mar 24, 2014

Nail Art 63: Pink and teal

Look at this! It's a Nail Art post! Did anyone miss these? (I sure did.) The last nail art post was back around Halloween. Not that I haven't been doing my nails since then, but I wasn't doing them as often. Whenever I did do them they would be just plain colours or I would ruin the design before I had a chance to take a picture of them. Anyways, I might not be able to do weekly nail posts because I only have time to do my nails on weekends now, ( job and everything) But I do hope I'll be able to do a couple nail posts a month. I'll try atleast!

I ended up doing these sort of simple but cute nails over the weekend. After my first full week at my new job, I just wanted to lay down and do something relaxing for an hour or 2. So I put on some old episodes of Family Guy and did these nails, then read a comic book while they dried. It was nice. Really nice. I've been looking through my Nail Art tag and surfing tumblr, and I've been feeling inspired to try some new designs!


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