Mar 2, 2014

Review: February Comic Books

For years Justin's been trying to get me into comics. It's not that I dislike reading or comics. (I love my manga.) But I'm picky with reading. I don't want to waste my time...sometimes he tells me what a comic is about and I get bored just thinking about it. All last year he kept leaving comic books (and even a few of his novels) on my desk to read... I'm not kidding. Look here, and look on the left side of my black bag on my desk. Those are all comic books from Justin. Haha. Anyways this year I said I'd make more of an effort to read some comic books. I mean he's got a bunch of them, why not?

So I guess this means I'll be starting a new monthly feature on the blog. But here's the catch. I only  know the basics of the super hero/mutant worlds and universes. So I'm reading these just knowing things like; 'this is about wolverine, but he's old.' So don't take my recommendations to heart.This is for fun and a nice way for me to be able to look back at how many I ended up reading and liking. (I should have put this on my goal list!) Right now I'm really into anything Batman or Wolverine related. But I think Justin is just showing me his favourites for now.

I also want to note that most of the comic books we own are super hero or x-man related. I know there are lots of different comic books out there that are about other stuff. But right now I'm just starting out with what we already own.
Superman Red Son
So here is the first comic book I read. This ones been sitting on the desk for months. Many months. Any who, I was not a fan of the artwork. Something I noticed early on, when reading manga is if the artwork isn't atleast somewhat appealing to me, then I find it hard to keep reading. So the artwork was okay... like everything looked correct, but the women's faces were so masculine looking. The story itself was interesting. (Just like in my movie reviews, I don't do spoilers), basically it's, what if superman didn't land in America? What if he landed in Ukraine? Oh snap! An interesting read, felt kind of long... like a movie thought.. so maybe that's a good thing?

Recommend? Yes
Re-read? No
House of M
The artwork was pretty nice in this one. I wasn't like, amazed by it but it was good. So the story is basically, Wanda aka Scarlet Witch (which is Magnetos daughter) is all crazy, and she's changing the world and killing people with her powers. So everyone comes together to decide what to do with her, they want to kill her basically because no one can help her and shes killing people... because she's crazy. They go to find her but shes gone... and Magneto is nowhere to be found! I did not like this one. Main reason, there were so many characters, x-men and avengers... its too much for me. Every page was so full of colours and speech bubbles. Just felt too busy and all over the place for me.

Recommend? Maybe?
Re-read? No
Civil War
This is the first comic book from my pile that I actually liked, well liked the most (so far). This ones basically about people wanting superheros and mutants to register and stop hiding behind their masks. This way everyone would know who is and isn't someone with powers and no one would have a secret identity. And obviously not everyone is for this, so there are two sides. Captain American and his crew are against it and Iron Man and his crew are for it. And yes some cool fights come from this too. Oh lovely artwork in this one. I was trying to figure out if this comic book has the same artist as 'House of M' but I don't think so, if it is then they improved! Anyways this one was a great read. I was interested the whole way and the artwork was nice. Some nice full page artwork too.

Recommend? Yes
Re-read? Yes
Octopus Girl
Not a comic book but a manga I just finished, so I thought why not? This manga series is actually 4 books, but only 3 have been translated. I don't think they're going to do the last one.. so 3 it is! It's a weird horror manga, lots of crazy illustrations. Basically the characters are made to look ugly and freaky a lot. And I kind of like that. I miss my horror manga! Definitely recommend if you're into horror or just anything weird. Each book is made up of a bunch of mini stories, most of them horror but a few are just sad or creepy?

Recommend? Yes
Re-read? Yes

Three comic books and a Manga series for the month of Feb... not bad. :]

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  1. Octopus girl looks awesome!!
    I need to get myself more into comics. c:



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