Mar 5, 2014

Review: February Movies

First off I want to say thanks for the comments and replies on last months movie review. You guys made it pretty clear that you liked the monthly movie reviews, so that is how it's going to stay. Woo, movies!
Another movie were we got free advanced tickets for. Who doesn't love a free movie? This is the first movie where we had advanced tickets for that I actually really liked. We went into this one thinking it was just going to be a typical plane heist...blah blah blah. And it did sort of start out that way but then it got crazy good and interesting. I've found some movies don't actually have a climax, but this movie sure did. Some great fighting scenes and acting from Liam Neeson too. 

Recommend? Yes
Re-watch? Yes 
 The Lego Movie
Yeah! This movie was so fun. When we first saw the trailer we were so excited for it. Who doesn't like Legos? Lego's are cool, yo. Anyways what a fun little movie this was. I laughed a lot, a lot of it is obviously silly humour and it is made for a younger audience. (We were in a theatre filled with bouncing kids, but hey I was bouncing in my seat too.) Some great one liners and catchy music. Sometimes the animation was smooth and other times it was poppy? But you got to respect all the work they put into this movie. Everything is made of Legos! The unicorn-cat and Batman were my favourites. Totally go see this if you ever played with Legos or have kids, you'll have some fun. I don't think I'd enjoy it as much if I saw it a second time though. Yes, everything was awesome.

Recommend? Yes!!
Re-watch? Maybe?
I wasn't sure how I felt about this one going in. I was if-y after seeing the trailer, but it looked fun. And oh wow I enjoyed this movie so much more than I thought I would. I guess it surprised me? In general I don't like when classic's get remade but this wasn't totally like the original. It is, it's own thing. Obviously a ton of action, I was on the edge of my seat for most of those parts... It did seem like it went by a bit too quickly, I remember the original being longer. Lots of character development and all that but thats how movies are today, I guess. Anyways overall I really liked this one. I'm glad I gave it a chance.

Recommend? Yes!
Re-watch? Yes!
The Monuments Men
You'd think I'd be super into this movie, about saving art and stuff. Well, no not really. I love art, old art and art history (even though I'm not good at remembering dates or names) but this movie would have been better as a documentary. Seriously, I think everyone would have enjoyed it more as a documentary. I don't know why they thought to do a movie out of this story... not much happens. Well what you think happens... happens. It's not that it was a bad movie, or that it had bad acting. Everyone was great but there was barely a story and like, no character development. I felt nothing when stuff happened to these characters... and that's a bad thing. Overall though, I wasn't disappointed that I watched this one, just wish I didn't pay full price for it.

Recommend? Maybe, rent?
Re-watch? No 

Best movie of the month: RoboCop.
Worst movie of the month: The Monuments Men.
Honourable mention(s): Non Stop.

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  1. YAY movie reviews!!!
    I love the lego movie, think everyone did really great voicing the characters
    I'm not really into Liam Neeson action movies so I don't plan on seeing Non Stop
    I did see Monuments Men and you are right not a lot of character development, the guy that wrote the book that the movie was based on also had a hand in the documentary about the same thing way more informative and interesting i think it's called the rape of Europa
    anyway I enjoy your movie reviews :)


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