Mar 10, 2014

Toronto ComiCon 2014

This past weekend we were at Toronto ComiCon, this was our second year in the Artist Alley. It was a bunch of fun, as usual! (We wouldn't be doing these unless we were having some fun, duh!) But I had forgotten how tired you get. It's a long day, especially the first day. It's exciting but you're tired from all the prep and set up. And on top of that, the big suit case we use to put all our prints and gear broke!! The long handle broke. So I had to use that shot handle instead. It was horrible! Have you ever had to drag a suitcase with a short handle? Its uncomfortable, my arms and back hurt, the suitcase kept hitting my in the legs. The next day I was so sore, but it could have been worse I guess. Suitcase shopping is in my future, for sure!

Anyways, since I decided that I'd be more selective about which conventions/art shows I sell my prints at, Justin had more room for his stuff. Which worked out well because his stuff is more geared towards conventions and my stuff, I think is best for online. (for now) I had just the end part of the table for myself. I was just selling bows and my tin of rings and brooches.
I think these were taken on the first day after we set up. We always go walking around to see how everything is laid out... It was super cold that day, we were right by the loading dock, which is basically an underground garage? ...and they had that door open until the show started. So cold but atleast we found the Lego section.
Justin pretty much dresses up as the The Red Hood for every convention we go to. And he always asks for a few pictures, why not... he looks good!
Look! Two Red Hoods! As you can see we did end up having having a bit of fun even with being tired and a bit sore. We already signed up for Toronto ComiCon 2015 too! Anyways below is a little sum up of each day... because I like reading these later to see what days we liked best.

Recap of each day: 

Friday - I was super cold all day, (even walking around didn't help much.) We sold a good amount of bows and prints. It was a good turn out for the day. Way more than the Con in December.

Saturday - It was the longest day out of the 3 days. I was tired and sore. This was our best day thought. Lots of people came on this day, it was nice a crowded. Got really busy after lunch time. Lots of bow were sold but even more prints!

Sunday -  I was gone part of the morning but Justin told me it was very slow. I showed up around 1pm and it picked up a bit. I want to say this day was kind of the same as Friday... maybe?

P.S. Check out the Toronto ComiCon 2013 post!


  1. Wow! I would spend way too much money there! :) Lovely blog x

  2. Looks like you had a ton of fun! Glad it was successful! =)

  3. Your store looks so bright and colourful, I love it. So happy to hear you did well on Saturday.

  4. well cool glad it went well, you had fun and sold some stuff :)

  5. Such a cool experience, and awesome photots!
    Looks like a ton of fun. c:



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