Mar 3, 2014

Tribal Koala Painting + Process Video

Here's the next painting I finished. The Tribal Koala! I had a lot of fun painting this little guy. I guess part of the reason I finished him so fast was because I was taking little videos while I painted. And I was super excited to make the video. I put them all together and sped it all up to make a sort of time lapse video. It's right below, hope you like it. Let me know if you want you think of the video! Because I really liked putting it together and I'm already thinking of doing more...
Please note that I took out a couple of videos that just weren't the best quality, plus the first few videos were just me painting solid colours...and that's sort of boring so I just skipped to the good parts. And below are some close up pictures.
Now to decide if I should start another animal painting, work on painting my Munny or finish sewing my bows for the ComiCon this weekend... Yeah probably that one.


  1. Seriously amazing artwork!!
    I love koala's. ^_^


  2. This is so amazing and looks like fun! *__*

  3. Aw, this is super awesome! I really enjoyed watching your video. It's cool to see some different techniques. Every time I look over your blog, it always inspires me to do my own artwork. Thanks for sharing!

  4. looks awesome your detail always amazes me! I'm pretty sure if I tried to paint that tiny I would drive myself crazy!

  5. I love this!! It's so colorful and cute :)



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