Apr 20, 2014

Goodbye purple hair

Just wanted to make a little post to remember my purple hair. I had it for just over 2 months. I could have had it for probably 3 months but my roots were showing too much and I couldn't find the same purple dye. So I started washing my hair a lot and stripping the colour out to prepare it for the new colour. Anyways just a few IG pictures. I didn't take too many pictures of my purple hair with my actual cameras, my bad! But I already took some (better quality) pictures of my new hair. Come back to the blog tomorrow to see them.
Hope everyone's Easter weekend is going well. :]


  1. I think an all lavender color would look perfect on you!

    1. O, I may have to try that in the future. :]

  2. Bye purple hair!! Look forward to seeing what colour it is next!


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