Apr 7, 2014

I love my dog

Yay, I finally finished that sketch I did of Captain and I. Some things were changed/altered (as usual) but its mostly stayed the same. The background was originally going to be like, a dark space thing but it turned out way too dark for my liking so I changed it to something super colourful. Anyways not much else to say about this one. Just a small thing I wanted to finish for fun. I should start working on something else while I have the time...

Oh, in other news I just finished my cat training at the THS. So now I am officially in the system. I'll be visiting the cats once a week and giving them some attention while they wait to be adopted. I'm so excited to start!


  1. How cute :D Really love that bright colorful background too!

  2. SOOO CUTE!!! I love that your having kisses in the galaxy.YAY

  3. So excited for you to be starting your cat visits! It'll be great for you and the little babies. Love the way this piece looks finished. If you don't mind me asking, how did you create your background?

    1. played around with the gradient tool. :]

  4. I love this piece! Just last night I had a dream about my dog who passed away about 10 years ago and I'm having a lot of pet feels today. Give him lots of hugs and kisses!!

  5. Gorgeous artwork, as always!!


  6. Aaaw this is cute! Love the colours! :)


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