Apr 24, 2014

Niagara Falls Comic Con

Finally got the floor plan for the Niagara Falls Con! I am super excited about this one. This will be our first time selling at this convention and attending it. That orange section is the artist alley. Look how small it is! I think that's a good sign, not as much competition but we'll see. It can go either way! We already booked our hotel so it'll be like a mini vacation for us too. It's almost May and I think I'll be spending most of my free time next month making extra bows and maybe some other things.
Have you ever gone to this convention? It's during the first weekend in June. I can't wait.


  1. I've gone, but that was two years ago. It was still super small, busy though... the artist alley was basically non-existent at that time... just a few comic book artists if that's even classified the same way. And when I say small, I mean, you could literally walk up and chat with the celebrity guests. Carl from walking dead was walking around looking at the comic book vendors. I've noticed the lay-out and celebrity guest list is much, much bigger this year, so I'm guessing it will be even better (and I really enjoyed it last time... except the line for the ATM!) It was great too, because you could actually take photos of the people in costume because you weren't being swarmed by eight million people trying to get around you.

    1. My friend has been selling there for the last few years. I'm not sure how long it's been around for but every year he says he does better and better. It seems like it's grown a lot since when it first started which is great. Carl shows up at a lot of the conventions, he showed up at FanExpo the one year without warning. The people running the show asked if he'd sign some stuff for an hour or two, like a last minute celebrity thing. He said yes and signed a bunch of stuff for free. He's such a sweet kid. Gah I'm so excited to see the costumes at this place.


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