Apr 5, 2014

Review: March Movies

300: Rise of an Empire 
What an action packed, action movie! I loved this movie but let me be clean I loved it because of the action, cool effects and shirtless men. This wasn't an amazing movie but it kept me interested and that's awesome. This movie was basically following the same timeline as 300, but from a different groups perspective. It kind of ends in a way that could be seen as an 'make your own ending' or set up for the 3rd and last movie... kind of want them to do one more. I just enjoy these movies that much. They do the slow motion at just the right now so I can see all the cool and gross parts! Also there's an evil female warrior in this movie and she was awesome!!

Recommend? Yes!
Re-watch? Yes!

I wasn't super excited to go see this one but Justin really wanted to, so we went. It was pretty good. Not a movie that I need to re-watch or own but it was a good one. Not at all what you're expecting either, there are some fallen angels in this movie and they look so cool! And they move like they're stop-motion. Anyways lots of things I liked about the move, very 'raw'.

Recommend? Sure
Re-watch? Nah

No best or worst movie of the month because we only saw 2 movies...

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  1. I remember watching 300 forever ago and thought it was awesome. Definitely want to see that one too!!


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