Apr 3, 2014

The Bazaar of the Bizarre

Over the weekend I sold at a new art show, The Bazaar of the Bizarre. It was a fun day, a very long day but a super fun day. I want to start off by saying thanks to all the nice comments I got on my first post about me going to the show! Means a lot to me. The show was fun, it was in a small building and the event was in three rooms. They had a few events going on during the day, nothing too big but fun stuff like belly dancers, food samples, balloon animals, etc. I probably missed a lot because most of that stuff was happening in the first room.
A quick shot of my table set up near the end of the day.
Hey check me out, look at how tired I look. Maybe because I was exhausted. I guess I didn't sleep that well. The day before we went out for dinner and stayed out a bit too late at a friends house. Anyways I was passing out during the show. Like, eyes feeling heavy... face twitching... blinking a lot to try to 'look' awake while people walked by. Oh it was bad. I got Justin to get me an energy drink and it only helped a little. But lets look at the positives!

This show is/was very easy to get to! It was just a one day event, which is nice. Sometimes I don't want to do a 4 day show, ya know? I got SO many compliments about my artwork. A lot of people liked my tribal paintings too. I ended up selling two of my mini paintings, which made me super happy! I also sold a couple of hair bows and prints. Overall the show was worth it (money wise), but even if I didn't do so well I'd still want to come back because of how nice and awesome everyone was. Totally going to look out for future shows to do through this group.


  1. congrats! your booth looks great and I'm glad it was a good show, 1 day shows seem to be the best (energy wise anyway)


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