Apr 21, 2014

What I Wore: Flower Skirt

Here's a special 'What I wore' post. Not only is this my first time altering something on my own but it's also showing off my freshly died hair! So first, the skirt. The bright in-your-face fabric caught my eye one day while I was out thrifting. (Pretty sure it was the only thing I bough that day.) As you can see it was a bit too long for me but I decided I'd take it home and try to shorten it myself. I'll be the first to say that I did not do a good job on this skirt. I couldn't find my pins so I just eyeballed everything. Mistake! The length is okay it was when I tried to sew straight, is where I failed horribly. I guess the loud fabric kind of hides the mistakes I made so that's okay. I feel like this will be something I'll wear around the apartment or maybe to the beach.
Top: Don't remember? Basic tank top
Skirt: Thirfted (Altered)
Sunglasses: Ardene (Old)
Bag: Thrifted
Sandals: Ardene

Do you like that second last picture, where it looks like Cap is doing a bad job at hiding. Haha. He always gets confused when the camera is out and it's not pointed at him. So my hair... I love it. I loved my purple hair too but I could not find any more of the same purple dye I used and I am not going back to Manic Panic! No way, not if I can help it. I used Raw, true blue on my bangs and Raw, twisted Teal on the rest of my hair. Oh, If I didn't mention it before, I am in love with the Raw hair dye brand. It lasts soooo long and is easy to apply. I'm going to try Punky Colors next time, I think. I found a shop that carries the brand for cheap, so why not?

P.S. I got a new phone and am so happy about it. Plus I have a tattoo appointment tomorrow. Feels like I've been waiting forever, I'm so excited!


  1. I actually think it looks pretty good. I love re-purposing old clothes, I do it all the time. Have you ever cut up and old t-shirt?

  2. Looks good! I've hemmed a ton of stuff and I still mess up alla time :(
    Your hair is SO cool btw.


  3. It looks so good!! I love how bright it is. I'm going to attempt to shorten a skirt soon.. so scared! haha

    Raw dye is my #1 favorite but it's only in one store where I am and they don't carry all the colors! I have been using Punky and Ion Brights.. pretty good cheap alternatives :D

    1. I've heard good things about Ion Brights, if i ever find them in store I'll try them out for sure.

  4. Love the skirt so bright and springy! :)


  5. You did such an amazing job. It suits you perfectly and I love the colours.


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