May 14, 2014


I'll admit, I have not been sketching in my sketchbook as much as I would like to be. But these are the only two sketches that I like. I've been sketching a lot of garbage lately. You know... feeling drained when I get home and just want to do nothing.
A doodle I did a while ago that I kind of like. I want to make more artwork that has it's own frame in it.
Don't remember what I was going for with this one. I think I just wanted to draw a woman's body. And then I guess it turned into a 'mother earth' sort of thing. I really like it. Once I finish some other drawings that still need to be finished, I'll start on this one!

P.S. Sorry for the bad scans. Thin paper plus old scanner equals this!


  1. These are wonderful! And the first one has such a friendly face, I love it<3

    And that happens sometimes. I'm sure you'll get back in the zone soon. It sucks when your not though. Been there and will undoubtedly go there again someday… But now I'm actually on a creative roll again, so that's good:)

    1. yeah we're all been there, it happens.. Yay for creative rolls!

  2. Love them both. I've been in a big rut myself. :(

  3. These are lovely! I love the little leaf frame in the first one :3


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