Jun 16, 2014


Doing: Lots of working, some sewing, some volunteering with the cats.

Thinking about: How I haven't finished my munny yet. And I have like 2 or 3 digital drawings that are only half done. I should really finish those.

Watching: Orange is the new black, The 100, Heartland... I know there's a few more shows but I can't think of them right now.

Looking forward to: Fan Expo. I know it's still a bit of ways away but I always get excited for it. It's such a big convention and a super fun weekend for me!

Reading: Whatever comic books Justin gives me. I've been slacking though. :[

Loving: My hair! It's such a cool light blue colour right now. Some parts of it are almost white.


  1. your hair is lovely! i've been wanting to dye my hair a similar color, but just don't have the guts. lol.

    1. Go for it! Or try doing an under layer to see how you like it? Or some streaks?

  2. Your hair is super awesome! And you volunteer with some cats? I want to do this :D

  3. cool, can't wait to see your other sewing projects and drawings :)
    I'm catching up on shows and projects too


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