Jun 24, 2014

Goals for 2014: Update

Well, we're a little over the half way mark for the year now.... and wow this year is flying by! Or is that just me? Anyways I thought it would be a good time to do a little update on my goals for the year.
1. Ukulele (Not really...) 
Truthfully I haven't been keeping up with this and it bums me out. I guess I just have too much going on... or maybe I've been lazy. Probably that. But there's still time to turn things around!?

2. Keep active and Hula Hoop (Kind of)
Hmmm, I'm going to say maybe on this one? I finally got into volunteering at the Humane Society with the cats once a week. I know it's not a lot and I don't move around too much but at least I'm doing something. Other than that I've been trying to go out for more walks. I think in a few weeks I may be buying some fancy roller blades! I think it would be fun and maybe even get Cap to go on runs with me.

3. Sketch more (Yes)
I think I've been doing pretty good with this one. I sit down and sketch a couple times a month. I don't always clean up or finish the sketches but at least I'm sketching, right?

4.Take more selfies (Yes)
Yes. A good amount of selfies on my Instagram. Ive even started taking OOTD pictures too. They are fun to do and make me want to mix and match more of my clothes.

5. Learn to crochet (Nope)
Nope. Haven't even though much about this one. It's summer right now. I just want to be outside. I think once it gets a little cooler I'll look into it.

6. Design a character (Nope)
I thought I would do this if I was still unemployed for a couple of months. But since I'm working full time I am way too busy. but you never know I might still do this one. Just sit down and get it down one weekend maybe? 

7. Make some clothes (Yes!)
Dress #1 and dress #2. Soon there will be a dress #3. I am on a roll. Making clothes is fun!

8. Design my own fabric (Nope)
Not yet... But I am thinking about it. It's just so darn expensive.

9. Cook and Bake (Not really)
Oh, I haven't been too consistent with this one. I don't have much time to cook or bake anything, only on weekends. And I like to spend my weekends relaxing... and making dresses apparently.

10. Wolf Tattoo (Yes)
Yes! But its not finished yet. :]


  1. Oh my gosh! I love your hair!! I currently have a blue-purple-pink ombre look going right now and I'm partial to blue or pink hair. :) Love all of your goals!

    I guess I should mention that this is Kelsea from Pink Wonderland, a blog from a while back. Not sure if you remember it, but you left a sweet comment on a sad post I had written, and I really appreciated it. :) I just started a brand new blog so I'm getting back into the blogging world... and I wanted to say hi to everyone who was super sweet on my last blog. So, hi! Love your blog picture, by the way - rainbow carebear dress FTW!

    1. Oh I remember yooou. So glad youre getting back into blogging! :D

  2. I can not wait to see your wolf tattoo all finished. I have been trying to practice my ukulele more too. :)

  3. I love following-up on goals too. Mid year without thinking I finally reenacted my "move every day" rule. Better late than never! I want to take more self-portraits as well. Helps you understand your posture/styling problems and correct them for sure!

  4. I sometimes feel bad for not keeping up with the ukulele. I randomly set aside 10 minutes aside for it every so often lol Can't wait to see your other dress and tattoo if you share it :3!!

  5. I sometimes feel bad for not keeping up with the ukulele. I randomly set aside 10 minutes aside for it every so often lol Can't wait to see your other dress and tattoo if you share it :3!!

    1. Its weird I'm really into it, but i have no musical talent at all... so it takes me a long time just to learn the chords and then i have to learn a strumming pattern too. So much work! But I guess I should keep up with it. I need to finish learning a song all the way!


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