Jun 11, 2014

Niagara Falls Comic Con Part 1

I am back from a weekend at Niagara Falls! Not only was it a little vacation for us but it was also our first time selling at a convention that wasn't in Toronto. (It's like we're expanding, we've already signed up for two conventions in Windsor!) We were excited and a little nervous. Long story short; we had a great time and we did well! Well enough that we're probably going to The Niagara Falls Comic Con next year!
Setting up our table. But it wasn't just a table. We had a whole booth! So much leg room, it was nice. We don't get anything like this at Fan Expo... we were very spoiled that weekend.
We ended up going for a bit of a walk around the area. Obviously we had to spend some money at the arcade and pig out on junk food.
Lots of fun old motel signs around. Look at the yellow doors. I kind of wanted to stay at this place next time but on our way back to our motel, I noticed how empty it was. Probably not a good sign...
Different day, heading to the falls... because when you go to Niagara Falls, you go look at the falls.
Justin took a decent picture of us. First time for everything, I guess. :]
I thought I was getting mad air on my jumps but I guess I was wrong. At least my hair looks kind of cool... Justin's picture looks pretty sweet, right?! He's a natural.
I'll be back tomorrow with the last part, part 2 of our trip to Niagara Falls for the convention! I promise part 2 has way less pictures of us...


  1. I love the falls. Best trip I ever took.

  2. Wow, those dinos! Looks like you two had so much fun! Love all the cool photos! :)


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