Jun 4, 2014

Review: May Movies

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
I'm so glad that the movie wasn't as 'busy' as the trailer made it seem. I mean the trailer was all over the place. Too much! Anyways, not an amazing movie, but it did keep me entertained. Very campy with some silly jokes and one liners but hey, that's how Spider-Man is, right? We all knew what was going to happen in this movie. No one was really surprised but overall I had fun. It wasn't a disappointment. 

Recommend? Sure   
Re-watch? Maybe?
What a fun movie. It seriously has felt like, forever since I've seen a funny movie in theatres... I guess everyone else was thinking the same thing too cause the theatre was packed. Which usually I don't like because people don't know how to behave themselves most of the time. But it was nice to be in a laughing theatre for once! So the movie was pretty good, I liked it. There was also a good amount of shirtless Efron. They didn't actually use the fact that they had a baby that often in this movie. I mean at the beginning they did and by the second half the baby was always with the baby sitter or something. I also gotta say that this movie was mainly another bromance movie. The Mom character had nothing really going for her. Which made me upset but whatever. Overall I laughed a lot, and that was the main reason I wanted to see this movie. Some good one liners too. 

Recommend? Yes   
Re-watch? Probably?
One of those special movies for us, that we have to go see in a nice big theatre and in IMAX. We've actually seen a couple of movies in IMAX this year, way more than we have in past years. Anyways, guys. If you haven't already seen this movie. Go. See it! You won't be disappointed, I promise. Godzilla was so nicely animated! Ugh, I loved how he moved and his expressions. Some good acting at the start of the movie, then some...okay acting... but overall I was so happy! You don't know how into the movie I got, especially during the climax of the movie! I've already seen this movie twice in theatres. So yes, I really liked it.  

Recommend? Yes!   
Re-watch? Yes!!
X-Men: Days of Future Past
Okay so... I didn't like this. No wait. I did like it. I guess I just wasn't blown away? It's hard to explain how I feel about this movie. To me it felt like there wasn't any climax. (It was just a straight line.. no ups or downs. No climax.) Even when stuff was really happening I was just...meh. The acting was fine, everything was fine. It was good. I guess I was just expecting more. Something different, maybe? After we saw this, I told Justin that we should have seen this movie before Godzilla, because seriously I'm still excited about that movie. So excited that its affecting my ability to watch and enjoy other movies. Can that happen? is that a thing? Well I guess it is for me... This movie poster is pretty cool. 

Recommend? Sure, everyone else seemed to have really liked it. 
Re-watch? I think I may have to!


  1. I loved Godzilla. I freaked out because a little old lady came to the movie by herself and I was worried she was in the wrong theatre and shed have a heart attack. Oh how wrong I was. She loved it as much as me.

    1. haha thats so cute! I hope i'm still that awesome when i'm old.


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