Aug 4, 2014

Review: July Movies

Transformers: Age of Extinction
I wanted to like this movie. I was like, 'oh all new actors...this will be great. I can't wait to see some cool robots fighting and what not.' I really did not like this movie. Not one bit. The main problem for me was the horrible scripts. The lines the characters said were just so unnatural and weird. The first 20mins of the movie I was cringing. People don't talk like that to each other! The acting wasn't too great either. Lots of plot holes in this movie. I mean at one point everyone was fighting and it cuts to a shot of Mark Wahlberg's character and he does a freakin' slow nod. What?! Are you serious? There were also a lot of times where it was a serious moment in the movie and we just bursted out laughing at how bad the acting was mixed with the bad writing. This movie was also super long, way too long. 

Recommend? No! 
Re-watch? Never
We went to see this movie on one of those days where I just wanted to laugh. And this movie did the trick. I did laugh a lot throughout this movie. It was good. Not amazing but good. It had a weird story, the flow of the movie was all over the place, it felt very slow at some points. Lots of talking but about nothing super important. So we'd laugh a bit, then we'd wait a bit... then we'd laugh some more, then it would get really cute, then something serious happened and then it went back to being funny. I guess it wasn't a movie about anything really, just a movie about stuff happening. Kind wanted something more out of this one but... meh.

Recommend? Probably no. Maybe wait to rent? 
Re-watch? Nah.
We got a free movie pass (advanced screening, we saw this a few days before my birthday) for this movie. I didn't see anything about this movie until Justin came home with the free tickets and played a trailer for me. I was interested in the idea behind the movie. I thought it would be a fun movie to go see, plus I like Scarlett Johansson... and... this movie blew my mind!! I was not expecting it to be this good. Wow. The first like, 20 minutes of the movie had some great acting. (I miss when actors actually get to act in movies.) And the effects were beautiful. There were some really freaky parts too. Some parts reminded me of watchmen. Definitely worth a watch! 

Recommend? Yes!! 
Re-watch? Yes!
 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
This was pretty good. I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I thought I would. There were some part where the CGI was 'meh', where you could tell they were just rushing it but overall very well done. Decent story and great emotion shown in the apes. Also a bunch of great one liners, like "run". Haha. 

Recommend? Yes 
Re-watch? Maybe?
I don't have much to say about this movie. It was fun and I enjoyed it but I probably won't ever see it again. Just one of those, one time fun time movies I think. The movie is nothing like the trailer. The trailer, as usual is showing all the interesting part of the movie, there's a lot of other things that happen in this movie. Overall not disappointed that I went and saw this one. 

Recommend? Maybe? 
Re-watch? Probably no

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  1. love your movie reviews!
    I'm hoping to see a couple movies this weekend, a most wanted man and guardians of the galaxy
    and I want to see that Helen Mirren movie too about food :)


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