Sep 17, 2014

Fan Expo day three and four

Where does the time go? Why does summer time always fly by so fast for me? It seriously doesn't matter if I'm actually busy or not... going on trips or just working... It just goes by so fast! Anyways, here are the last two days (vlogs) from Fan Expo. I'll be the first to admit that the day four video isn't exactly what I was going for (editing wise) but I wanted to get it up, because...truth time... I was tired of looking at it. Haha.

I'm glad I decided to record during Fan Expo this year. I've already watched them all and it's nice remembering all the fun things I saw. It's also fun to see how I slowly look more and more tired in every video. (I swear I was enjoying myself!) But I'll probably appreciate these videos more in a few months when it's super cold out and I do that thing where I look through my blog to see how my year was.

I know my blog doesn't get a ton of traffic, but to those few that still check it out... are there any other videos you'd like to see? Tags? DIY? My day? (no that would be boring) but really, any suggestions or ideas? Questions? I'm open. I'm hoping I'll be posting more regularly, now that the colder months have started, not that I have ever had an actual schedule for my blog, but you know... I used to post more than 3 times a month. Okay. Go watch my not-so-great vlogs please. :]

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  1. These are awesome :D ! I never really watch DIY vids, I like home tours, honest vlogs, reviews..


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