Sep 24, 2014

What I wore: Roundup 4

1) Dress - H&M. Necklace - Danny Brito. Cardigan - Sears. Belt + Leggings - Modcloth. Shoes - Winners. 2) Top - Teefury. Skirt + Leggings - Modcloth. Shoes - Ardene.
3) Cardigan - Sears. Hat + Top - The Black Market. Belt - Target. Skirt - Modcloth. Leggings - H&M. Shoes - Thrifted. 4) Top - The Black Market. Skirt - H&M. Headband - Handmade.
5) Top - Forever21. Skirt - Modcloth. Shoes - Winners. 6) Cardigan - Sears. Dress - Old Navy. Belt - Urban Behavior. Leggings - H&M.
7) Dress - Handmade. Cardigan - Gift. Leggings - H&M. 8) Cardigan - Costco. Dress - H&M. Leggings - Modcloth. Shoes - Winners.

Here is another round up of some of the outfits I've worn in the past few weeks. I usually try to put the outfits in order but this time I just didn't bother. So you get to see my hair in different stages of fading. I am really liking the first 3 outfits, my favourites! Comfortable and cute. :]

Not much else to say. Just working, lots. I'll be making a bunch of new headbands soon for an art show... and these ones will be wired. So I'm excited to see how they do compared to the headbands without a wire. I was thinking of making a few special ones (stamped/hand painted!) for my Etsy shop. Would anyone be interested in that?


  1. Ooh I love your outfits! All of them are so cute.. especially when you wear your handmade dresses! *_*

  2. You are such a mega babe. Love the black dress with the Peter Pan collar and that Eddie Munster shirt is wicked cool.


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