Oct 31, 2014

More Zombie Walk 2014

Happy Halloween!! Every year that I've attended the Zombie Walk I always look through pictures of the walk online. Not just to see if I can find any of myself but also to see zombies and costumes that I missed. A lot of people go to this walk, It's almost impossible to see every person.

I felt like I was photographed a lot this year, maybe it was because I dressed up very colourful? Who knows? Actually...  I feel like I put more effort into my zombie costume this year, haha. So, I found a lot of pictures of myself and Tania this year. (The most I've ever found!) I also found a couple of videos on youtube (This ones my favourite of us.)

I forgot to mention in the other post that my dress is actually the first dress I ever made. It was a practice dress so I never planned on wearing it. I kept it around basically because I knew I would do something with it for either Halloween or the Zombie Walk. Anyways below are a couple a lot of pictures of myself (and/or Tania) from this years Zombie Walk!

There was a bat booth at the walk this year, trying to raise awareness for the bats in Canada. I totally forgot to donate some money. I feel bad but I think I'm going to donate or buy something from their site to make up for it. I love bats!
I didn't find many pictures of us during the actual walk but here is one...
I love how bright the colours are in this one! And Tania's wig looks pretty cool too. Haha.
There was a booth taking peoples pictures in exchange for a donation towards next years Zombie Walk. So we got a few pictures taken. The pictures are also available to purchase online as prints but the shipping is way too much! Oh well, having it on my blog will have to do for now.
This ones my favourite of us, if I was going to buy one of the pictures they took of us, it would probably be this one.
Look at that smile. :]
The caption under my picture on the site says 'Is that you Grinch? :)' LOL.
This one turned out so cool. I love it. And it's a full sized version on the site, so clean and crisp! Probably my favourite of myself. You can see like, individual strands of my hair! Crazy.

Okay that is it! Well, no there are more pictures, maybe I'll do a part 2 If I find enough. Have you ever been to a Zombie Walk? Do you go looking for pictures of yourself afterwards too? Haha.

P.S. Pictures I found of myself from past years. 2012 and 2013.


  1. your dress is cute i like the print :) you guys look great you did a great job on the makeup and i like your retro hairdo
    and the pics are great!

  2. you guys looked awesome! we didn't look for the zombie walk here this year, i wonder if they did it? the last couple times we went people were acting like idiots and being destructive so i wouldn't be surprised if it was cancelled. dang.


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