Oct 4, 2014

Review: August and September Movies

Guardians of the Galaxy
I ended up seeing this movie twice in theatres and Justin saw it three times! I enjoyed this movie so much, I was so shocked at how good it was because I didn't know what to expect from it. I only saw the trailer a handful of times and it didn't really explain much. I'm sure a lot of people seen this movie by now. But if you have not yet seen it. I high recommend it! Its beautiful and a lot funnier than I though it would be. August was a busy month so this was the only movie we watched that month. That's why I'm combining the August and September movie reviews.

Recommend? Yes!
Re-watch? Yep!
 A Walk Among the Tombstones
I only ever watch movie trailers in a movie theatre right before I'm about to see a movie. So, since we didn't really see many movie in August, I missed out on a bunch of trailers. When this movie came up at our local movie theatre I asked Justin to put on the trailer.. because Liam Neeson is awesome! This movie was so good. LIke, I was just expecting a decent action movie... but it was so much better. Lots of 'gruesome' scenes, which I like, a lot! It reminded me of Silence of the Lambs and The Killing. So If you liked that movie and that show, check out this movie, you may enjoy it as well.

Recommend? Yes!
Re-watch? Yes!
Justin picked up some free advance screening tickets for this one. Whenever we get these free tickets, the movie is usually just okay or very bad. It always ends up being a movie we were planning on going to see anyways (on a cheap night). This was one I wanted to see but Justin was super excited for it. It ended up being good but felt a little slow at some parts. The trailer made it seem like the movie takes place over many months or years.. but really it's just a few days. Also, it's one of those movies were they show a lot of the 'cool parts' in the trailer. (I hate when they do that) The effects were amazing though! Some very cool stuff happens and the story overall was pretty interesting.

Recommend? Sure
Re-watch? Maybe
The BoxTrolls
Gotta see all the stop motion movies! This movie was good, but.. it felt like it was missing something. I don't know what. I liked the movie overall. The stop motion was so smooth... I mean the whole point of stop motion is the style, like you can tell it's stop motion. People like that about it. I like that. Once it becomes so smooth it looks too much like 3D and then, it might as well be done in 3D to save you some time/money. Right? I don't really have much else to say about this one. I liked it but didn't love it. I thought I would have liked this one a lot.

Recommend? Sure
Re-watch? Maybe?
The Equalizer
Nice little action movie. I don't have much to say about it though. I enjoyed it, sometimes they would show you a lot of the action/fighting/killing and other times they wouldn't, so you'd have to just guess what happened. I'm assuming they did this to save some time. And obviously there were some holes in this movie/story but that's not why we went to see this. So it's okay.

Recommend? Yes
Re-watch? Maybe?

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  1. I think Guardians was my fav movie of the summer, I'm with you I was surprised at how good it was, and I want to see it again.
    I really want to see the Judge with Robert Downey Jr. & St. Vicent :)



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