Oct 14, 2014

The Bazaar of the Bizarre Show: Halloween

I am back from my long weekend. If you didn't already know. This weekend was Thanksgiving weekend for us Canadians. I ended up not visiting my family this time because I had booked to sell at an art show on the Sunday.

When I had paid for the show a few months before I just assumed that it would be happening in the middle of October. Maybe a week or so before Halloween, since it was a Halloween themed show. Nope. I was wrong. (Note to self: Make sure to always triple check what days art shows fall on!) Anyways I had to go, because I had already paid. I've sold at this location earlier this year. You can read about it here. I had a good first time there. Not the best (profit wise) but I had a very positive experience, and why I wanted to come back again.
Here I is, at the start of the show. I thought we were going to be late. The email said that set up was between 9 and 11 (show started at 11am) and if you were late then your table would be taken. We showed up with like, an hour to set up. Which is more time than I need. Worried for nothing!

As you can see at the top right hand side, I displayed a bunch of my new wired headbands. I had a good amount of people checking them out, as well at the bows. And the knitted dish cloths are not mine. Justin's Mom knits a lot and I told her if she left me some I would start bringing them to shows to sell for her.
Cute and friendly cat! He was running the show!
About half an hour after the show had started the... owner of the show? The lady running the show? came by and told me that I could take over the table beside me, since that person had not showed up. It was pretty sweet having two tables for all my stuff. I mainly used it to display more of the dish cloths and scarves by Justin's Mom.

Overall I was a bit disappointed by this show. I did not do well and I was upset that I was spending my Sunday there, bored. I was really excited for it but I think it was a bad move to have it on a long weekend. A long weekend where people generally go visit families and do indoor-togetherness-stuff. But that's just how I feel about it. I'm comparing this show to last year's Decemeber Con, it's pretty close, I don't know which one was worse... maybe the December Con one since I could still see myself attending this Halloween show if it was on any other weekend but Thanksgiving.

P.S. Yes I know this isn't a happy-happy post, but this is for me. For future me, to remember to always check my dates for future shows. Haha.

P.P.S. Hit over 1000 views on my Youtube Channel. Cool!


  1. well i hope your next show goes awesome AND i love your orange hair and bangs super cute and festive :)
    i enjoy your blog a lot and i nominated you for a blog award, the details are in my latest post :)


    1. Thank you so much. That is so sweet. I shall have to go check it out

  2. Congrats on the over 1000 views on you tube. That is so amazing. You videos are so creative and fun and make me smile. Your outfit at the Halloween fair was also very very rad.

    1. Thank you. Seeing people like you making their youtube channels and putting more work into them, makes me wanna make more videos too. :D

  3. Awe, I'm sorry you didn't get to spend your thanksgiving with family. Your artwork is amazing, and with the right date I'm sure you'll find much more success at another show!! You look adorable by the way!


    1. Thanks so much. Next show is in December. Excited and nervous, haha

  4. That's too bad! Your booth does look great though:)


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