Nov 17, 2014

Tribal Penguin

I took a bit of a break from painting but when Justin's sister asked me for a painting for Christmas I jumped right back into it. She asked me to do a penguin (her favourite animal) in my tribal pattern style, thing... I don't know what to call this, and I always feel weird saying 'my tribal pattern style' because I feel like a snob... and I'm not!

So, here is a little Tribal Penguin done on an 8"x10" wood canvas. I started this about 2 months ago but I think I really worked on it for about 2 weeks. I always seem to do that. I start something and then don't come back to it for weeks. I guess, I like being all over the place. I don't think she reads my blog so it should safe to put this up now.
Below are some close ups and beauty shots. You can see some WIP shots on my instagram, here and here.

(sorry the pictures seem a bit off... to me anyways. You know it gets dark fast now and it's hard to take nicer shots indoors.)
Overall I am pretty happy with the painting. I kind of liked working on a smaller canvas. You can see in the last photos all my little tribal paintings all together. I'm hoping I can sell a few of them next year so I have more room on my wall for new stuff. But if not, I guess I'll just keep making them anyways. Make a little gallery wall for myself. Haha.

I'm thinking about what animal to start next. Anyone have any ideas? I have a list on my computer of animals I should do but I'm always looking for suggestions. Let me know in the comments. :]


  1. i don't think you sound like a snob, your work is very detailed and I think tribal style explains it nicely.
    the penguin turned out so cute!!!! If i tried to draw that much detail I would go insane let alone try to paint a tiny pattern eeek! but you do it so awesomely!!! they all look great together ;)

    1. Thank yooou! You're so sweet. :']

  2. Love love love when you do these! So cute and colorful. How about a squirrel next?

    1. Thank you. A squirrel is a great idea! I'll add it to my list.


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