Nov 10, 2014

What I wore: Roundup 5

 1) Dress - Modcloth. Cardigan - Gift. Shoes - Thrifted. 2) Scarf - Gift. Dress - Modern Tibet. Belt - Modcloth. Cardigan - Urban Planet. Boots - Payless.
3) Hat + Vest - The Black Market. Shirt - Lootcrate. Skirt - Modcloth. Boots - Payless. 4) Cardigan - Gift. Top - H&M. Skirt - Handmade. Shoes - Payless.

Another outfit round up. But this time with orange hair. Can you believe it, I've had orange hair for a  month now? (Wow. It feels like I've only had orange hair for like, a week.) I didn't think I would like the orange hair this much. I mean, I really liked the purple on me but this feels more like... me. Ya know?

So many things to say about these outfits. My favourites from the last couple of weeks! Outfit 1 is my favourite Modcloth dress. I am in love with it. Every time I put it on, I feel so cute. Outfit 2 was very comfortable. I got the dress from this shop that I wouldn't normally go in but they were having a sale. This dress was only $20 and is the perfect length.

Outfit 3 feels like my uniform right now. Skirt + vest. I am in love with the vest! I was never into vests but I think I might be now. Maybe I'll get some pins and patches for it? Also, my new skirt from Modcloth. (Yes I talk about Modcloth a lot. I just really like their stuff, okay!) I have this skirt in black but decided to order the orange one in a size smaller and it fits so great. I'm thinking about getting all the skirts in the different colours eventually. And Outfit 4 is just to show off my new skirt I made. I've only worn it like twice but it is very comfy. I like to wear it on my 'I'm feeling fat' days. The elastic band I got is super stretchy. To the point were I'm afraid the skirt might just slip off me one day, haha.

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