Dec 28, 2014

Christmas Snaps

  I just wanted to make a quick post about Christmas this year. This was the first year that Justin came over to my families side for Christmas. Normally we do our separate thing for Christmas and Justin usually takes Captain to his families home because it's just easier. I've gone for Christmas with his family a few times now and Justin's never come over for mine, until now.

This was also Captains first time visiting my families home. They aren't dog people or even pet people... well they like animals but they don't like the mess they leave. Anyways the deal was that Captain had to be in socks whenever he was upstairs so he wouldn't scratch up their new floors. Luckily, Cap didn't mind having the socks on. He never tried taking them off but they slipped off his paws a lot.
  Here is a shot of Cap laying right in front of the kitchen, which is where my Mom and I were for three days straight cooking and getting things ready for our Christmas Eve dinner (no meat) and then for our Christmas day/Boxing day dinners. (lots of meat!)
  An early Christmas gift from Justin. He found me an old land camera. I don't know if it works. I found out I can't see anything from the view finder. If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know!
  Some homemade perogies. Half were filled with cheese and potato and the other half were mushrooms and cabbage.
  I didn't take any pictures of our Christmas Eve dinner, which is the 'special' dinner. It's not that fancy, its more about the meaning behind it all. But this is a few days after. With all the good stuff on the table. Most importantly the cabbage rolls and ribs! Mmmz.
  The pillow covers I made for my Mom. Pillow covers are so easy to make. I can't wait to make some more for myself!
  And that's about it. I didn't take many pictures while I was home because I was busy helping with cooking and cleaning... and when I wasn't doing that I was just chilling. But I wanted to remember this year by what few pictures I did take.

I hope you had a great Holiday or just a great week. I'm planning to update the blog a bit over next week. I think it's time for a bit of change over here.


  1. Ahhh Cap in his socks is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

  2. aw captain is cute in those socks! i keep talking about getting some for phyllis because they might help her on our wood floors. but i bet she would pull them off.

    1. I guess if they had a lot of grip on them they might help. but these ones had none and Captain slipped around a lot. I kept thinking he would pull something everytime he got excited.

  3. oh my gosh your dog looks adorable in the socks! I know they are hard for them to walk in though, what a good trooper he was :)
    those perogies look delish and your pillow covers look great! I made some gifts too this year that I just posted about :)
    can't wait to read your movie reviews I'm pretty excited about the ones i saw :)

    1. Oh i will def check out your post. I love seeing what people give and get for Christmas!


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