Dec 20, 2014


Doing: Some light cleaning, packing clothes and hanging out with Justin before I go home for Christmas week. (He's meeting me at my parents house a few days later) 

Eating: These chocolates a friend made for Christmas. Mmm. 

Thinking about: How we're going to re-arrange the living room to fit our new stationary bike. Yes we started buying gym equipment so we can get into better shape. No excuses now! Haha. 

Watching: I've been watching a lot of Raising Hope after work. It's a pretty fun/cute show. 

Looking forward to: A week of no work. I love my job but I am feeling burnt out. I can't wait to sleep in and pig out on yummy food. 

Reading: Very little. Big stack of comic books waiting for me on my desk... 

Loving: My new hair! It turned out so cool. Not what I was expecting but I like it. I'm also loving my new Of Montreal record.


  1. I love your new hair too. The colour is great! x

  2. I love your new hair colour. It's so bright and festive. :)


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