Dec 9, 2014

Windsor Christmas Comic Con 2014

This past weekend we sold at the Christmas Comic Con in Windsor. This was our second convention in Windsor and our second ever, Christmas/winter convention. Truthfully I wasn't feeling up to all the traveling I had to do and the only other winter convention we went to was kind of a bust. So, I didn't really know what to expect.

Getting to the train station was awful but at least I was in business class on the way there. I had lots of room and ended up just sleeping the whole way. The convention itself was actually very good. It was run by the same people that did the Super Summer Comic Con, but in a different location. I liked this one better than their summer one. It seemed better organized and felt more like I was at a convention, instead of a small art/craft show.

The day went well. It started off good and was busy right off the bat but obviously slowed down throughout the day. This is a convention that I really liked but I'm not 100% sure if we'll both be coming back to sell at this one next year. It costs a lot to travel all the way out there so we shall have to see.

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