Mar 29, 2014

Heading to The Bazaar of the Bizarre!

I just finished packing up my mini suit case and remembered I never made a post about this. It might be a bit late but, oh well... I am heading to the 'The Bazaar of the Bizarre: Circus Side Show 2014' tomorrow (Sunday). I've never been to this show but when I found it a few months ago, and looked through some pictures online, it was way too interesting to pass up. So why not?! 

I'm a bit nervous because I don't know what to expect. This will be my first show where it's not superhero or anime themed. You know what I mean? This is just a show to sell your artwork and handmade things. The weirder and cooler, the better. Justin will be there with me to keep me company and help out.

I know I don't have many people following me that live in Canada, much less Toronto but if you are in Toronto on Sunday, come down to the show. It's on 6 Noble Street (Pia Bouman School For Ballet) and the show runs 11am - 8pm.I'll be in Studio B... I don't know if that is on a different floor or just a different room but I guess we'll find out!

Anyways, wish me luck. I've already seen a few postings from other sellers that are going so I hope I make a bit of money so I can buy some of their stuff. Bat stuff, guys... bat stuff!

Mar 28, 2014

WIP: Angel and Cap

I know I have other stuff that isn't finished yet... but I came home yesterday and didn't feel like passing out! (I know, crazy right?) I decided to start cleaning up one of my sketches. This one is almost done, just needs some cute colours and a galaxy background, I think. Yay the weekend is here!!

Mar 24, 2014

Nail Art 63: Pink and teal

Look at this! It's a Nail Art post! Did anyone miss these? (I sure did.) The last nail art post was back around Halloween. Not that I haven't been doing my nails since then, but I wasn't doing them as often. Whenever I did do them they would be just plain colours or I would ruin the design before I had a chance to take a picture of them. Anyways, I might not be able to do weekly nail posts because I only have time to do my nails on weekends now, ( job and everything) But I do hope I'll be able to do a couple nail posts a month. I'll try atleast!

I ended up doing these sort of simple but cute nails over the weekend. After my first full week at my new job, I just wanted to lay down and do something relaxing for an hour or 2. So I put on some old episodes of Family Guy and did these nails, then read a comic book while they dried. It was nice. Really nice. I've been looking through my Nail Art tag and surfing tumblr, and I've been feeling inspired to try some new designs!

Mar 17, 2014

Life Lately

I feel like I haven't been posting as much as I usually do on here. There's a good reason for that... life! Yes, I've been busy with other stuff, the kind of stuff that is sort of hard to show on a blog sometimes. I thought I'd just do a quick post about some of the things that are going on with me.
You should know that we did the Toronto ComiCon and had a blast! After that I read a bit, did some sketches, painted and watched some movies. The last week or so I've been pretty lazy. Just sitting on the couch or in bed watching bad movies on Netflix. I mean after sewing all those new hair bows for the up coming conventions and all that, I kind of wanted to just do nothing. And that's basically what I've been doing lately. Also, I start my new job today! Nervous and excited, as usual...

Other things happening in the next 2 weeks... I have my first interview at the Humane Society. I'm excited that I got a call back for an interview! Next step after this will be some hands on training, and I'm assuming a few weeks after that I'll be volunteering for real! So, fun stuff. I think I'll be working with the dogs for now. Possibly cats in the future.
I have a small art show I'm going to be selling at at the end of the month. Kind of nervous about that one too because I've never been to it and it's very different looking from the kind of shows and conventions I'm used to. But that might be a good thing. I think I may try to sell some of my prints while I'm there. but we'll see how I'm feeling... I'm also planning to check out the One of a Kind Show too, I've always wanted to check it out and miss it every time.
WIP of my Munny.
Trying out a new thing (to me)... skirts! I've worn skirts in the past before but never liked them. I didn't like dresses either, but now I do! (Or atleast want to give them a chance.) I bought this one from Modcloth as a treat for myself. I like it, a bit long on me but whatever.
And one of my little doodles.

With every new job I have to take a few days or so to get used to the new work flow. So don't be expecting many posts from me, probably for the rest of the month to be safe. Once I get more used to my new work scheduled... yeah I'm back to a 9 - 5 job! Well for now. It also means waking up early and sitting on the bus or train for an hour, but it's okay. I've had to commute farther. 

Anyways that's about it. Wish me luck and I hope everyone has a fun week, it's supposed to start getting warmer. The snow has mostly melted here! :]

Mar 10, 2014

Toronto ComiCon 2014

This past weekend we were at Toronto ComiCon, this was our second year in the Artist Alley. It was a bunch of fun, as usual! (We wouldn't be doing these unless we were having some fun, duh!) But I had forgotten how tired you get. It's a long day, especially the first day. It's exciting but you're tired from all the prep and set up. And on top of that, the big suit case we use to put all our prints and gear broke!! The long handle broke. So I had to use that shot handle instead. It was horrible! Have you ever had to drag a suitcase with a short handle? Its uncomfortable, my arms and back hurt, the suitcase kept hitting my in the legs. The next day I was so sore, but it could have been worse I guess. Suitcase shopping is in my future, for sure!

Anyways, since I decided that I'd be more selective about which conventions/art shows I sell my prints at, Justin had more room for his stuff. Which worked out well because his stuff is more geared towards conventions and my stuff, I think is best for online. (for now) I had just the end part of the table for myself. I was just selling bows and my tin of rings and brooches.
I think these were taken on the first day after we set up. We always go walking around to see how everything is laid out... It was super cold that day, we were right by the loading dock, which is basically an underground garage? ...and they had that door open until the show started. So cold but atleast we found the Lego section.
Justin pretty much dresses up as the The Red Hood for every convention we go to. And he always asks for a few pictures, why not... he looks good!
Look! Two Red Hoods! As you can see we did end up having having a bit of fun even with being tired and a bit sore. We already signed up for Toronto ComiCon 2015 too! Anyways below is a little sum up of each day... because I like reading these later to see what days we liked best.

Recap of each day: 

Friday - I was super cold all day, (even walking around didn't help much.) We sold a good amount of bows and prints. It was a good turn out for the day. Way more than the Con in December.

Saturday - It was the longest day out of the 3 days. I was tired and sore. This was our best day thought. Lots of people came on this day, it was nice a crowded. Got really busy after lunch time. Lots of bow were sold but even more prints!

Sunday -  I was gone part of the morning but Justin told me it was very slow. I showed up around 1pm and it picked up a bit. I want to say this day was kind of the same as Friday... maybe?

P.S. Check out the Toronto ComiCon 2013 post!

Mar 7, 2014

More Hair Bows!

By the time you see this, we'll be on our way to the Toronto ComiCon. Our March Con! Since we did pretty well at last years Toronto ComiCon, we decided we'd go again. Here are a bunch of new bows ready for all the conventions that we have planned for this year. We have two big ones coming up in the summer time! (And I have 2 - 3 smaller ones.) Depending how we do at this one I might be making more. I don't want to over do it but I also don't want to run out, so I guess we'll see... I think my favourite fabrics from these is probably the galaxy and skeleton ones. So cool! Who doesn't love some cute fabric? You can see the other bows I made here. I still have a lot of these ones left.

In other news, I've decided that from now on I'll only be selling my prints online. Local conventions and shows will be mostly for bows and possibly small paintings. (Or specialty prints?) I feel like I'm reaching more of my 'target' online than I do at most of these shows. Not that I never sold any prints but I wasn't selling many and I was selling them very little. (I was barely making any money, basically giving them away!) And I think my art is worth more... which is hard for me to say because I have a super hard time with pricing. But I work hard on my artwork, I put a lot of time and love into them.

Anyways my point is that I'm excited to see how the year goes for me and my online shop. So far so good! While I'm away this weekend at the ComiCon I'd like to offer you guys a 10% discount with the code CON2014. You can use it on anything in my shop. I'll be taking the code down on Monday morning and anything purchased over this weekend will be shipped on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Wish us luck!

Mar 5, 2014

Review: February Movies

First off I want to say thanks for the comments and replies on last months movie review. You guys made it pretty clear that you liked the monthly movie reviews, so that is how it's going to stay. Woo, movies!
Another movie were we got free advanced tickets for. Who doesn't love a free movie? This is the first movie where we had advanced tickets for that I actually really liked. We went into this one thinking it was just going to be a typical plane heist...blah blah blah. And it did sort of start out that way but then it got crazy good and interesting. I've found some movies don't actually have a climax, but this movie sure did. Some great fighting scenes and acting from Liam Neeson too. 

Recommend? Yes
Re-watch? Yes 
 The Lego Movie
Yeah! This movie was so fun. When we first saw the trailer we were so excited for it. Who doesn't like Legos? Lego's are cool, yo. Anyways what a fun little movie this was. I laughed a lot, a lot of it is obviously silly humour and it is made for a younger audience. (We were in a theatre filled with bouncing kids, but hey I was bouncing in my seat too.) Some great one liners and catchy music. Sometimes the animation was smooth and other times it was poppy? But you got to respect all the work they put into this movie. Everything is made of Legos! The unicorn-cat and Batman were my favourites. Totally go see this if you ever played with Legos or have kids, you'll have some fun. I don't think I'd enjoy it as much if I saw it a second time though. Yes, everything was awesome.

Recommend? Yes!!
Re-watch? Maybe?
I wasn't sure how I felt about this one going in. I was if-y after seeing the trailer, but it looked fun. And oh wow I enjoyed this movie so much more than I thought I would. I guess it surprised me? In general I don't like when classic's get remade but this wasn't totally like the original. It is, it's own thing. Obviously a ton of action, I was on the edge of my seat for most of those parts... It did seem like it went by a bit too quickly, I remember the original being longer. Lots of character development and all that but thats how movies are today, I guess. Anyways overall I really liked this one. I'm glad I gave it a chance.

Recommend? Yes!
Re-watch? Yes!
The Monuments Men
You'd think I'd be super into this movie, about saving art and stuff. Well, no not really. I love art, old art and art history (even though I'm not good at remembering dates or names) but this movie would have been better as a documentary. Seriously, I think everyone would have enjoyed it more as a documentary. I don't know why they thought to do a movie out of this story... not much happens. Well what you think happens... happens. It's not that it was a bad movie, or that it had bad acting. Everyone was great but there was barely a story and like, no character development. I felt nothing when stuff happened to these characters... and that's a bad thing. Overall though, I wasn't disappointed that I watched this one, just wish I didn't pay full price for it.

Recommend? Maybe, rent?
Re-watch? No 

Best movie of the month: RoboCop.
Worst movie of the month: The Monuments Men.
Honourable mention(s): Non Stop.

Mar 3, 2014

Tribal Koala Painting + Process Video

Here's the next painting I finished. The Tribal Koala! I had a lot of fun painting this little guy. I guess part of the reason I finished him so fast was because I was taking little videos while I painted. And I was super excited to make the video. I put them all together and sped it all up to make a sort of time lapse video. It's right below, hope you like it. Let me know if you want you think of the video! Because I really liked putting it together and I'm already thinking of doing more...
Please note that I took out a couple of videos that just weren't the best quality, plus the first few videos were just me painting solid colours...and that's sort of boring so I just skipped to the good parts. And below are some close up pictures.
Now to decide if I should start another animal painting, work on painting my Munny or finish sewing my bows for the ComiCon this weekend... Yeah probably that one.

Mar 2, 2014

Review: February Comic Books

For years Justin's been trying to get me into comics. It's not that I dislike reading or comics. (I love my manga.) But I'm picky with reading. I don't want to waste my time...sometimes he tells me what a comic is about and I get bored just thinking about it. All last year he kept leaving comic books (and even a few of his novels) on my desk to read... I'm not kidding. Look here, and look on the left side of my black bag on my desk. Those are all comic books from Justin. Haha. Anyways this year I said I'd make more of an effort to read some comic books. I mean he's got a bunch of them, why not?

So I guess this means I'll be starting a new monthly feature on the blog. But here's the catch. I only  know the basics of the super hero/mutant worlds and universes. So I'm reading these just knowing things like; 'this is about wolverine, but he's old.' So don't take my recommendations to heart.This is for fun and a nice way for me to be able to look back at how many I ended up reading and liking. (I should have put this on my goal list!) Right now I'm really into anything Batman or Wolverine related. But I think Justin is just showing me his favourites for now.

I also want to note that most of the comic books we own are super hero or x-man related. I know there are lots of different comic books out there that are about other stuff. But right now I'm just starting out with what we already own.
Superman Red Son
So here is the first comic book I read. This ones been sitting on the desk for months. Many months. Any who, I was not a fan of the artwork. Something I noticed early on, when reading manga is if the artwork isn't atleast somewhat appealing to me, then I find it hard to keep reading. So the artwork was okay... like everything looked correct, but the women's faces were so masculine looking. The story itself was interesting. (Just like in my movie reviews, I don't do spoilers), basically it's, what if superman didn't land in America? What if he landed in Ukraine? Oh snap! An interesting read, felt kind of long... like a movie thought.. so maybe that's a good thing?

Recommend? Yes
Re-read? No
House of M
The artwork was pretty nice in this one. I wasn't like, amazed by it but it was good. So the story is basically, Wanda aka Scarlet Witch (which is Magnetos daughter) is all crazy, and she's changing the world and killing people with her powers. So everyone comes together to decide what to do with her, they want to kill her basically because no one can help her and shes killing people... because she's crazy. They go to find her but shes gone... and Magneto is nowhere to be found! I did not like this one. Main reason, there were so many characters, x-men and avengers... its too much for me. Every page was so full of colours and speech bubbles. Just felt too busy and all over the place for me.

Recommend? Maybe?
Re-read? No
Civil War
This is the first comic book from my pile that I actually liked, well liked the most (so far). This ones basically about people wanting superheros and mutants to register and stop hiding behind their masks. This way everyone would know who is and isn't someone with powers and no one would have a secret identity. And obviously not everyone is for this, so there are two sides. Captain American and his crew are against it and Iron Man and his crew are for it. And yes some cool fights come from this too. Oh lovely artwork in this one. I was trying to figure out if this comic book has the same artist as 'House of M' but I don't think so, if it is then they improved! Anyways this one was a great read. I was interested the whole way and the artwork was nice. Some nice full page artwork too.

Recommend? Yes
Re-read? Yes
Octopus Girl
Not a comic book but a manga I just finished, so I thought why not? This manga series is actually 4 books, but only 3 have been translated. I don't think they're going to do the last one.. so 3 it is! It's a weird horror manga, lots of crazy illustrations. Basically the characters are made to look ugly and freaky a lot. And I kind of like that. I miss my horror manga! Definitely recommend if you're into horror or just anything weird. Each book is made up of a bunch of mini stories, most of them horror but a few are just sad or creepy?

Recommend? Yes
Re-read? Yes

Three comic books and a Manga series for the month of Feb... not bad. :]

Mar 1, 2014

This is not a toy exhibit

A couple of days ago we visited the 'This is not a toy' exhibit. It was cute and fun! Totally inspired me to find my blank munny and think about painting it something cool. Anyways here are some pictures I took around the exhibit.

Look at all the munny's! I never realized how many there are out there. After this we headed to Silver Snail to see if they had any blank ones for sale. We were all excited to paint our own. It would be so cool to get to design one, like one that gets sold in stores. Oh, I can dream...
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