Apr 29, 2014

What I Wore: Witchy

Hat: Ardene
Necklace: old, possibly Ardene?
Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Modcloth
Bag: Thrifted

I have nothing else to post this week so another outfit post for you!And no shoes. I actually really like walking around bare foot. Once it gets slightly warm out I'm all about the no shoes. I've been wearing this skirt a lot, just changing the top. (This one week, I think I wore it like 4 times?!) Can't go wrong with a black skirt, especially when it has pockets! I love this one so much that I've been thinking of getting another one, maybe in brown or green?
Not much else to say about this one, It's just a very comfortable outfit.

Apr 24, 2014

Niagara Falls Comic Con

Finally got the floor plan for the Niagara Falls Con! I am super excited about this one. This will be our first time selling at this convention and attending it. That orange section is the artist alley. Look how small it is! I think that's a good sign, not as much competition but we'll see. It can go either way! We already booked our hotel so it'll be like a mini vacation for us too. It's almost May and I think I'll be spending most of my free time next month making extra bows and maybe some other things.
Have you ever gone to this convention? It's during the first weekend in June. I can't wait.

Apr 21, 2014

What I Wore: Flower Skirt

Here's a special 'What I wore' post. Not only is this my first time altering something on my own but it's also showing off my freshly died hair! So first, the skirt. The bright in-your-face fabric caught my eye one day while I was out thrifting. (Pretty sure it was the only thing I bough that day.) As you can see it was a bit too long for me but I decided I'd take it home and try to shorten it myself. I'll be the first to say that I did not do a good job on this skirt. I couldn't find my pins so I just eyeballed everything. Mistake! The length is okay it was when I tried to sew straight, is where I failed horribly. I guess the loud fabric kind of hides the mistakes I made so that's okay. I feel like this will be something I'll wear around the apartment or maybe to the beach.
Top: Don't remember? Basic tank top
Skirt: Thirfted (Altered)
Sunglasses: Ardene (Old)
Bag: Thrifted
Sandals: Ardene

Do you like that second last picture, where it looks like Cap is doing a bad job at hiding. Haha. He always gets confused when the camera is out and it's not pointed at him. So my hair... I love it. I loved my purple hair too but I could not find any more of the same purple dye I used and I am not going back to Manic Panic! No way, not if I can help it. I used Raw, true blue on my bangs and Raw, twisted Teal on the rest of my hair. Oh, If I didn't mention it before, I am in love with the Raw hair dye brand. It lasts soooo long and is easy to apply. I'm going to try Punky Colors next time, I think. I found a shop that carries the brand for cheap, so why not?

P.S. I got a new phone and am so happy about it. Plus I have a tattoo appointment tomorrow. Feels like I've been waiting forever, I'm so excited!

Apr 20, 2014

Goodbye purple hair

Just wanted to make a little post to remember my purple hair. I had it for just over 2 months. I could have had it for probably 3 months but my roots were showing too much and I couldn't find the same purple dye. So I started washing my hair a lot and stripping the colour out to prepare it for the new colour. Anyways just a few IG pictures. I didn't take too many pictures of my purple hair with my actual cameras, my bad! But I already took some (better quality) pictures of my new hair. Come back to the blog tomorrow to see them.
Hope everyone's Easter weekend is going well. :]

Apr 7, 2014

I love my dog

Yay, I finally finished that sketch I did of Captain and I. Some things were changed/altered (as usual) but its mostly stayed the same. The background was originally going to be like, a dark space thing but it turned out way too dark for my liking so I changed it to something super colourful. Anyways not much else to say about this one. Just a small thing I wanted to finish for fun. I should start working on something else while I have the time...

Oh, in other news I just finished my cat training at the THS. So now I am officially in the system. I'll be visiting the cats once a week and giving them some attention while they wait to be adopted. I'm so excited to start!

Apr 6, 2014

Review: March Comic Books

The Walking Dead
When The Walking Dead first came out on TV, I was hooked. Yes to zombies, yes to real people struggling with life... yes to it all! After a while I became aware that the TV series is based off the comic book and yeah, I was interested in it but never went out of my way to grab the first book. Well a friend moved down the street from us and he has all of them!! So we borrowed them. I read through the first two compendium books in a day. If you didn't know... these things are the size of bibles! They are huge. I stayed up until 4am to finish reading the second one because I got so into it. (Thats why I don't pick up books often, if I get into something. I get INTO IT!) Okay lets get to the good stuff.
So obviously I'm going to say that if you're at all into the TV series, then go pick up the first book. It is so good! It's better that the series. Yes the TV show is based off the comic books, the characters names are almost all the same but there are a lot of differences. There are characters in the TV show that aren't in the comics and vice versa. In some cases characters that live a long time in the TV show, die early on in the comics. Its interesting how the show gets a lot of things from the comics but at the same time they go do their own thing, like add their own sub stories or introduce their own characters. Anyways, why do I feel that the comic is better than the series? Because there no censorship, a lot more bad shit happens to the group. I'm not even going to get into it because spoilers. The people in the comics are a lot more... crazy. You can see that this new world is affecting them more, it drives them to do some screwed up shit. A couple of them shocked and surprised me. (The good kind of shocked and surprised) and I know for a fact they won't show them on TV, or if they do they'll hint at it but not actually say anything, because its TV guys... Okay I have to stop here because I could go on and on about how awesome the show and comics are. I love them both so much. 

Recommend? Yes!! 
Re-read? Yes
This was such a good read! It's basically a story about The Joker but told by one of his henchmen/a guy that works for him. I know the average person probably get that's Joker is a bad guy but he is a lot worse in this comic book. (I'm assuming he's a lot worse in almost all comic books because they can get away with more) Anyways I liked it. A nice dark story, showing you some crazy stuff Joker does to people, showing you his crazy... plus I did like the funky artwork. Funky in a good way!

Recommend? Yes 
Re-read? Yes

Apr 5, 2014

Review: March Movies

300: Rise of an Empire 
What an action packed, action movie! I loved this movie but let me be clean I loved it because of the action, cool effects and shirtless men. This wasn't an amazing movie but it kept me interested and that's awesome. This movie was basically following the same timeline as 300, but from a different groups perspective. It kind of ends in a way that could be seen as an 'make your own ending' or set up for the 3rd and last movie... kind of want them to do one more. I just enjoy these movies that much. They do the slow motion at just the right now so I can see all the cool and gross parts! Also there's an evil female warrior in this movie and she was awesome!!

Recommend? Yes!
Re-watch? Yes!

I wasn't super excited to go see this one but Justin really wanted to, so we went. It was pretty good. Not a movie that I need to re-watch or own but it was a good one. Not at all what you're expecting either, there are some fallen angels in this movie and they look so cool! And they move like they're stop-motion. Anyways lots of things I liked about the move, very 'raw'.

Recommend? Sure
Re-watch? Nah

No best or worst movie of the month because we only saw 2 movies...

Apr 3, 2014

The Bazaar of the Bizarre

Over the weekend I sold at a new art show, The Bazaar of the Bizarre. It was a fun day, a very long day but a super fun day. I want to start off by saying thanks to all the nice comments I got on my first post about me going to the show! Means a lot to me. The show was fun, it was in a small building and the event was in three rooms. They had a few events going on during the day, nothing too big but fun stuff like belly dancers, food samples, balloon animals, etc. I probably missed a lot because most of that stuff was happening in the first room.
A quick shot of my table set up near the end of the day.
Hey check me out, look at how tired I look. Maybe because I was exhausted. I guess I didn't sleep that well. The day before we went out for dinner and stayed out a bit too late at a friends house. Anyways I was passing out during the show. Like, eyes feeling heavy... face twitching... blinking a lot to try to 'look' awake while people walked by. Oh it was bad. I got Justin to get me an energy drink and it only helped a little. But lets look at the positives!

This show is/was very easy to get to! It was just a one day event, which is nice. Sometimes I don't want to do a 4 day show, ya know? I got SO many compliments about my artwork. A lot of people liked my tribal paintings too. I ended up selling two of my mini paintings, which made me super happy! I also sold a couple of hair bows and prints. Overall the show was worth it (money wise), but even if I didn't do so well I'd still want to come back because of how nice and awesome everyone was. Totally going to look out for future shows to do through this group.

Apr 2, 2014

Medieval Times

 The bad guy!
A couple of days ago we visited Medieval Times! I hadn't been in years. The last time I was there was with my grade school. Anyways I went with a couple of friends and asked if Justin wanted to come along too. He decided he would go since he'd never been before... even though he wasn't super interested in it. But don't worry, 10 minutes into the show he was yelling and cheering for our knight. We all had a good time!

If you don't know what Medieval Times is, it's a place where you get a dinner and a 2 hour show. You sit in a coloured section and you cheer for your knight. Your knight does some tricks, battles other knights and horses do a few tricks. You get a pretty big meal too, soup, garlic bread, half a chicken, some rib, baked potato and some apple pie. Not all at once, your wenches come around through the rows and plop them on your plate. No utensils either, how medieval! (Ha!) We were in the black and white section and our knight was very good looking. You could tell he has been working there for a while. He knew how to work the crowd... even the sections that were booing him at first eventually cheered for him too. And he won too! Best feeling ever is when you cheer your knight on and he wins, haha.

Anyways, I don't normally do posts like this... about me going out or whatever but this was a super fun time and I happen to take a few pictures, so I thought why not. If you have one near you, you should totally go. Especially if you have never been or haven't gone in a long time. It's fun to go in big groups, people get really into it! (My throat was sore at the end of the night from all the yelling) Has anyone ever gone before or heard of it?
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