Jul 31, 2014

Nail Art 65: Random Colours

Here are some cute, random, colourful nails I did a few days ago. Still have them on, they're just a bit chipped. Man, I hope I can get to 70 nail art posts by the end of the year! I think I can do it. I used to post almost weekly nails but I rarely have the time now to just sit and do them.

In other news, the blog has been a bit quiet the last couple of weeks. I haven't been posting much here because I've been busy! Mainly with getting things ready for the two conventions coming up. The main one being Fan Expo which is at the end of August. (we already got out table number. It's A307) It's so soon! I can't wait to see how my new products do. I'll post up some pretty pictures of them when I have more things finished up.

I'm thinking of making a video while we're at Fan Expo this year. Maybe sort of like a vlog? I don't know how it'll turn out. Should I do one big video or do two parts? I guess we'll see. Would anyone be interested in seeing/watching that?

Jul 21, 2014

What I wore: Roundup 3

 1) Dress - Suzy Shier. Belt - Modcloth. Shoes - Payless. 2) Dress - H&M. Belt - Modcloth. Flats - Ardene.
3) Shirt/Dress? - Katie. Belt - Modcloth. Jeans - Old Navy. Sandals - old. 4) Dress - Thrifted. Belt - from a skirt. Cardigan - Urban Planet. Shoes - Payless.

Here's another little round up of outfits from my Instagram account. It looks like I need to get some more belts to change things up. I just keep wearing the same ones over and over... That pink dress is one of those dresses I really like but I always forget about it for some reason. This is the first time wearing it this year. And that minty dress is actually too big for me but I keep wearing it anyways. Such a good find.

And as you can see I've touched my hair a bit too. Mixed in a bunch of blues and greens. I think around September (when I'll probably need to touch up my hair) I'm going to try orange or pink. :]

Jul 11, 2014

Birthday Sale!

This weekend (July 13th) is my birthday and since I'll be celebrating all weekend, I thought I'd share the love by having a little sale in my etsy shop. So starting right now, (and going until Monday) you can get 26% off everything and anything in my shop with the code; HAPPYBDAY.

Please feel free to share this code with anyone and everyone! Colourful prints for all!!

Jul 8, 2014

Tribal Munny

Four months later and I finally finished my Tribal Munny. Wow, that took longer than I thought it would. Admittedly I wasn't always working on it. I know a bunch of weekends I was off doing other things. Anyways. Look, it's finished now and look how colourful it is! Obviously my favourite part is the head. I put the most work into it.
After I realized I was finished, I had mixed feelings. On one hand I was thinking; 'That took forever. I'll never paint another Munny again.' and on the other I was thinking; 'I can't wait to start another one!' Right now I don't have any more blank vinyls so I'll be focusing my weekends and days off on sewing hair bows and neck ties for conventions that are happening this summer.

Jul 5, 2014

Review: May + June Comic Books

Ms. Marvel
 I went on free comic book day to get the first book of Ms. Marvel and She Hulk but both were unavailable. I did find the 2nd and 3rd books of Ms. Marvel and decided to get those instead. Even thought I haven't read the first book I am still really liking this. I loooove the artwork, the style is so fresh, well to me anyways. I can't wait to keep reading! 

Recommend? Yes! 
Re-read? Yes
Attack on Titan
 I wouldn't mind reading all these, even though I've already watched the first season on Nefllix. I always enjoy a good manga. Plus all the gory pages are awesome to stare at! 

Recommend? Yes 
Re-read? Maybe
 Attack on Titan: Before the Fall
Now this one was interesting. It is, it's own story. Very interesting read. When I finished this one I was like.. 'whaaat, no I want more!' So I guess it got me hooked. I think I'd prefer to keep reading this one over just the regular Attack on Titan one since this one is different. Set in a different year different characters, etc. 

Recommend? Yes 
Re-read? Yes

Jul 3, 2014

Review: June Movies

I was so excited for this movie. I kept telling Justin that I wanted to see it in IMAX but that never happened. I'm kind of glad I didn't spend the extra money for it because this movie was good, I really enjoyed it but I didn't need to see it in IMAX. It wasn't that good, ya know? Lots of very pretty 'beauty' shots. Lots of very cool action shots of her flying around too. I just really enjoyed seeing her on screen. This isn't a prequel to Sleeping Beauty, this is it's own stand alone movie. A different story.

Recommend? Yes
Re-watch? Sure
How to train your Dragon 2
It's that movie that I was waiting for! A lot of the times sequels aren't as good as the first movie, but I think this one was just as good, (possibly better?) I really liked that they aged the characters. And even though this movie was more focused on the main character, we still had some fun shots with secondary ones, here and there. The animation on Toothless was, as always great. Love all his expressions and sounds. So cute. A lot of the new dragons looked very cool too. This is one of those movies where I need to get the art book. So pretty! I'm not sure about anyone else but months ago I accidentally saw a trailer for this movie that spoiled a big thing in the movie. But after I saw that trailer they like, didn't show anything about the movie for months until it was playing in theatres. So at least they realized they goofed on that. Trailers can make or break a movie so easily if you show too much. But I still really enjoyed this one.

Recommend? Yes!
Re-watch? Yes!!
I love a good laugh. This movie was good. Maybe not as good as the first one but still pretty close. Lots of good laughs were had, lots of funny one liners. You know, the usual. Not much else to say about this one though. If you watched the first one and liked it, then definitely go see this one.

Recommend? Yes
Re-watch? Sure

Jul 1, 2014

What I wore: Roundup 2

1) Dress - H&M. Cardigan - gift. Belt - Modcloth. Shoes - Payless. 2) Shirt + Skirt - Modcloth. Shoes - Payless.
3) Cardigan + Dress + Tights - H&M. Hair bow - Handmade. Shoes - Payless. 4) Dress - The Embellished Room. Cardigan - Urban Planet. Belt - Modcloth. Flats - Ardene.

As you can see I've been sort of dressing up the the last couple of weeks. I have been wearing that one black skirt from Modcloth like, a lot. I think I may have to get the same one in either brown or red soon. That new stripe dress is my current favourite right now. I kind of want to go back and get another one, just cause it was so cheap and I like it that much!

P.S. Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!! :D
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