Oct 31, 2014

More Zombie Walk 2014

Happy Halloween!! Every year that I've attended the Zombie Walk I always look through pictures of the walk online. Not just to see if I can find any of myself but also to see zombies and costumes that I missed. A lot of people go to this walk, It's almost impossible to see every person.

I felt like I was photographed a lot this year, maybe it was because I dressed up very colourful? Who knows? Actually...  I feel like I put more effort into my zombie costume this year, haha. So, I found a lot of pictures of myself and Tania this year. (The most I've ever found!) I also found a couple of videos on youtube (This ones my favourite of us.)

I forgot to mention in the other post that my dress is actually the first dress I ever made. It was a practice dress so I never planned on wearing it. I kept it around basically because I knew I would do something with it for either Halloween or the Zombie Walk. Anyways below are a couple a lot of pictures of myself (and/or Tania) from this years Zombie Walk!

There was a bat booth at the walk this year, trying to raise awareness for the bats in Canada. I totally forgot to donate some money. I feel bad but I think I'm going to donate or buy something from their site to make up for it. I love bats!
I didn't find many pictures of us during the actual walk but here is one...
I love how bright the colours are in this one! And Tania's wig looks pretty cool too. Haha.
There was a booth taking peoples pictures in exchange for a donation towards next years Zombie Walk. So we got a few pictures taken. The pictures are also available to purchase online as prints but the shipping is way too much! Oh well, having it on my blog will have to do for now.
This ones my favourite of us, if I was going to buy one of the pictures they took of us, it would probably be this one.
Look at that smile. :]
The caption under my picture on the site says 'Is that you Grinch? :)' LOL.
This one turned out so cool. I love it. And it's a full sized version on the site, so clean and crisp! Probably my favourite of myself. You can see like, individual strands of my hair! Crazy.

Okay that is it! Well, no there are more pictures, maybe I'll do a part 2 If I find enough. Have you ever been to a Zombie Walk? Do you go looking for pictures of yourself afterwards too? Haha.

P.S. Pictures I found of myself from past years. 2012 and 2013.

Oct 29, 2014

Toronto Zombie Walk 2014

Dudes! Zombie Walk was awesome this year! Not only did my best bud Tania come for the weekend (for the zombie walk + shopping) but this year it didn't rain! Last year it was very cold, windy and rainy so it wasn't as much fun. This year however, we had the perfect Zombie Walking weather!
Here we are heading out, this is pre-blood.
Here we are with fresh blood. We are ready!
Oh my god. So cute. He had on little bat wings.
This guy looked awesome.
Here is the start of the walk. It got very crowded.
Here we are at the end of the walk. I did take a few pictures during the walk but they didn't turn out so great. Overall the walk was great. It did feel a bit too crowded at some points and then very spaced out at other points. I also felt a bit rushed sometimes, the volunteers kept telling us to fill in the gaps but then the people on the sides that were there to look and take pictures couldn't see everything because of how fast everyone was moving. But... that's just how it goes sometimes. After the walk we were starving and had some street meat (hot dogs) and headed home.

We were there for about 4 hours, I think so it was a long day of walking and standing. I think next year is the Toronto Zombie Walk's 13th year! I can't wait!!

P.S. I'll be posting pictures I found of us taken by other people in the next few days, I've already found so many. So cool! :]

Oct 20, 2014

Paintings for sale

Over the weekend I listed my tribal paintings in my shop... finally! I don't know what took me so long, I guess maybe I wasn't ready to part with them. But I think I'm ready now. Whenever I sell a painting it really inspires me to make more.
Anyways here are the paintings that are up for sale. If you've been looking for some one of a kind artwork... help me find these colourful babies new homes so that I have room for newer stuff! :]

Oct 14, 2014

The Bazaar of the Bizarre Show: Halloween

I am back from my long weekend. If you didn't already know. This weekend was Thanksgiving weekend for us Canadians. I ended up not visiting my family this time because I had booked to sell at an art show on the Sunday.

When I had paid for the show a few months before I just assumed that it would be happening in the middle of October. Maybe a week or so before Halloween, since it was a Halloween themed show. Nope. I was wrong. (Note to self: Make sure to always triple check what days art shows fall on!) Anyways I had to go, because I had already paid. I've sold at this location earlier this year. You can read about it here. I had a good first time there. Not the best (profit wise) but I had a very positive experience, and why I wanted to come back again.
Here I is, at the start of the show. I thought we were going to be late. The email said that set up was between 9 and 11 (show started at 11am) and if you were late then your table would be taken. We showed up with like, an hour to set up. Which is more time than I need. Worried for nothing!

As you can see at the top right hand side, I displayed a bunch of my new wired headbands. I had a good amount of people checking them out, as well at the bows. And the knitted dish cloths are not mine. Justin's Mom knits a lot and I told her if she left me some I would start bringing them to shows to sell for her.
Cute and friendly cat! He was running the show!
About half an hour after the show had started the... owner of the show? The lady running the show? came by and told me that I could take over the table beside me, since that person had not showed up. It was pretty sweet having two tables for all my stuff. I mainly used it to display more of the dish cloths and scarves by Justin's Mom.

Overall I was a bit disappointed by this show. I did not do well and I was upset that I was spending my Sunday there, bored. I was really excited for it but I think it was a bad move to have it on a long weekend. A long weekend where people generally go visit families and do indoor-togetherness-stuff. But that's just how I feel about it. I'm comparing this show to last year's Decemeber Con, it's pretty close, I don't know which one was worse... maybe the December Con one since I could still see myself attending this Halloween show if it was on any other weekend but Thanksgiving.

P.S. Yes I know this isn't a happy-happy post, but this is for me. For future me, to remember to always check my dates for future shows. Haha.

P.P.S. Hit over 1000 views on my Youtube Channel. Cool!

Oct 13, 2014

Summer Fisheye

I hope you guys aren't getting sick of seeing my Fisheye photos? Because more are (probably) on their way! Anyways here are a couple pictures from my most recent developed roll that I like.
A nice picture of us, I think. :]
Captain taking a break at the dog park.
This is from not too long ago, an animal mask/glow stick party.

Oct 11, 2014

Nail Art 66: Halloween vomit

Here are some messy-not-the-best Halloween themed nails. Notice anything different about these pictures? Maybe they're a bit grainier than usual? Yeah that's cause I took these with my phone camera. In good lighting it's not so bad I guess. This won't become a usual thing. I just wanted to document my nails before they started chipping. And one nail did start chipping the next day. So yay!

Do you like that random middle finger? I was trying to do another pumpkin but I messed up so I turned it into a thing. A messy glittery thing.

Oct 8, 2014

What I wore: Dress from eShakti

Not too long ago I was contacted by eShakti to review a dress from their site. I was so excited because not only are their dresses so lovely but they wanted my measurements to make it fit just for me! Have you ever had anything custom made for you? (I think the last and only time was my prom dress.) I ended up picking this dress. I can't find it on their site anymore, but I picked something a little more simple. Something I could dress up or down.
I'll probably bring this dress when I visit home with me, I can totally see my mom liking this dress and that is rare that we like the same clothing. A great thing about the skirts and dresses from eShakti is that they all come with pockets. Pockets!! Yes, that is important!

Picking out your dress is pretty easy (well it was hard for me because they had so many great ones to pick from) but once you have your dress picked out you have the option of picking a standard sizing or a custom size for $7.50. Guys, treat yo self! Spend that extra money and pick the custom sizing! It's just a few simple measurements and boom! You're done. At the end there is also an option to remove the pockets if you're not a fan of them. The shipping was pretty fast too. My dress showed up within a week.
The only two things that bother me about this dress is the length and the top. I picked knee length and the dress seems to sit a little lower on me, so the dress ended up being below knee length. Pretty sure knee length means the dress sits at your knee, right? Anyways it's okay because it's an easy fix. I have a bunch of dresses that are supposed to be knee length but they either end up being below knee because it gets stretched out (or I wear it lower on my waist) or above knee because of my bum and gut.

Now for the top. I love the top, it's cute but it's a weird fit. The neck line seems loose to me. I don't know if that is how it's supposed to be with this style of dress or if I measured something wrong... but It's not a huge deal to the point were I would not wear it. Just seems a bit weird to me.
Overall I am very happy with my dress. Justin says it kind of looks like a sailor dress and I kind of see that. I just need a cute sailor hat. I wore it this time on its own because this is one of those dresses that looks great on its own. But I know in the future I will be wearing it with cardigans and sweaters. The dress is made of good quality material so I'll probably be wearing it in the winter time too.
Necklace: Gift
Dress: eShakti
Shoes: Thrifted

eShakti was also kind enough to give me a coupon code to share with everyone! Get 10% off your next purchase with the code; 'angelszafranko'. Make sure you put the code in the 'promotional code' box. (This can't be used on clearance or sale items) The code is valid until Nov 6th!
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