Nov 17, 2014

Tribal Penguin

I took a bit of a break from painting but when Justin's sister asked me for a painting for Christmas I jumped right back into it. She asked me to do a penguin (her favourite animal) in my tribal pattern style, thing... I don't know what to call this, and I always feel weird saying 'my tribal pattern style' because I feel like a snob... and I'm not!

So, here is a little Tribal Penguin done on an 8"x10" wood canvas. I started this about 2 months ago but I think I really worked on it for about 2 weeks. I always seem to do that. I start something and then don't come back to it for weeks. I guess, I like being all over the place. I don't think she reads my blog so it should safe to put this up now.
Below are some close ups and beauty shots. You can see some WIP shots on my instagram, here and here.

(sorry the pictures seem a bit off... to me anyways. You know it gets dark fast now and it's hard to take nicer shots indoors.)
Overall I am pretty happy with the painting. I kind of liked working on a smaller canvas. You can see in the last photos all my little tribal paintings all together. I'm hoping I can sell a few of them next year so I have more room on my wall for new stuff. But if not, I guess I'll just keep making them anyways. Make a little gallery wall for myself. Haha.

I'm thinking about what animal to start next. Anyone have any ideas? I have a list on my computer of animals I should do but I'm always looking for suggestions. Let me know in the comments. :]

Nov 10, 2014

What I wore: Roundup 5

 1) Dress - Modcloth. Cardigan - Gift. Shoes - Thrifted. 2) Scarf - Gift. Dress - Modern Tibet. Belt - Modcloth. Cardigan - Urban Planet. Boots - Payless.
3) Hat + Vest - The Black Market. Shirt - Lootcrate. Skirt - Modcloth. Boots - Payless. 4) Cardigan - Gift. Top - H&M. Skirt - Handmade. Shoes - Payless.

Another outfit round up. But this time with orange hair. Can you believe it, I've had orange hair for a  month now? (Wow. It feels like I've only had orange hair for like, a week.) I didn't think I would like the orange hair this much. I mean, I really liked the purple on me but this feels more like... me. Ya know?

So many things to say about these outfits. My favourites from the last couple of weeks! Outfit 1 is my favourite Modcloth dress. I am in love with it. Every time I put it on, I feel so cute. Outfit 2 was very comfortable. I got the dress from this shop that I wouldn't normally go in but they were having a sale. This dress was only $20 and is the perfect length.

Outfit 3 feels like my uniform right now. Skirt + vest. I am in love with the vest! I was never into vests but I think I might be now. Maybe I'll get some pins and patches for it? Also, my new skirt from Modcloth. (Yes I talk about Modcloth a lot. I just really like their stuff, okay!) I have this skirt in black but decided to order the orange one in a size smaller and it fits so great. I'm thinking about getting all the skirts in the different colours eventually. And Outfit 4 is just to show off my new skirt I made. I've only worn it like twice but it is very comfy. I like to wear it on my 'I'm feeling fat' days. The elastic band I got is super stretchy. To the point were I'm afraid the skirt might just slip off me one day, haha.

Nov 4, 2014

Review: October Movies

Gone Girl
What a strange and awesome movie! We went into this not knowing really what it was about. I watched like half a trailer and go basically that it was a sort of murder mystery. I was sold! Then obviously we kept hearing from friends about how good it was. And yeah, it was really good. So many twists in the story, when you think its's not. Id love to see more movies like this one.

Recommend? Yes!
Re-watch? Probably!
The Book of Life
This movie was beautiful! We were going to go see it in a bigger theatre but last minute decided against it. Kind of bummed we didn't because this movie deserves to be seen on a very nice big screen. I was so excited when I first heard about it. It's got all the things I love! Animation, Guillermo Del Toro, All about the day or the dead. Awesome!! This movie was lovely to see, a great story and a cute soundtrack! And one more thing...
You know when you go see a movie in 3D and the glasses make the movie like 10 times darker than it actually is? (Hello! It's 2014, this shouldn't be a problem!) Well I totally forgot I was wearing the 3D glasses because the movie was so bright. Like, the glasses didn't take away from being able to see everything in the movie. That's how you do 3D glasses!

Recommend? Yes!
Re-watch? Yes and buy!
I'll admit it. I wasn't super excited to see this one. I mean, I wanted to see it but it didn't have to be in theatre. I was willing to wait to see it later. (Rented or at a friends house.) But Justin was set on seeing it. It was good, well it was great! Great story, well acted. Explosions were awesome... but you know. It's like all the 'war movies'. You kind of know whats going to happen. But then again.. you go to see 'war movies' because that's what you want to it. Anyways, I did really like this movie especially the second half. The ending was great too.

Recommend? Sure
Re-watch? Maybe
John Wick
Okay, how cool is this movie poster? Nice. I only saw like the first 60 seconds of the trailer for this movie, and I was sold! "I lost everything. That dog was a final gift from my dying wife." Com'on. That is pure gold right there. And then just shots of guns shooting. This movie was good. Like, a great action movie. So many cool killing/death scenes. I really like Keanu Reeves but he really acts in this movie. The only thing I didn't like about this movie was, well the ending. It just sort of ends and you're like, 'really, that's it. Just like that? Okay.' But other than that. So good! I wouldn't mind seeing this movie again. It just makes you excited and happy!

Recommend? Yes!
Re-watch? Yes!
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