Feb 17, 2015

Nail Art 67: Purple galaxy

If you've been following me and my blog for a while, maybe you'll remember back when I used to post a lot of nail art. I'm talking like, maybe once a week? I've slowed down over the past few years because the smell of nail polish gives Justin a huge headache. The only way for me to really do anything is to lock myself in the bedroom for a few hours with candles and all that. It's nice once in a while but I don't want to spend my days off locked up in a room alone.

This past weekend Justin went home so I did my nails. Twice! These are the only ones really worth posting about. I went for a sort of purple galaxy. Using two different purples for the background, glitter for the stars and a white nail polish pen for the bigger stars. I really like how they turned out and plan to do this same design in blue and possibly green!

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