Feb 9, 2015

Review: January Movies

The January Movie reviews are a bit late this time around because I had a family emergency near the end of the month and basically stayed with my parents for a little over a week dealing with everything. But anyways, here are the first movies of the year!
The Imitation Game
I was sort of 'meh' about seeing this one. It looked good but not too exciting. But it was actually very good. Not what I was expecting but the acting was so good. A movie I think people should see but I don't feel like I'd ever want/need to see it again. 

Recommend? Yes.
Re-watch? Probably not.

This looked so weird and interesting to me. I was waiting for a while to see this but it never showed up at our usual theatre. We ended up seeing it at a different theatre and so glad we did. What a weird and crazy movie. I loved the way it was shot. I liked how the movie 'felt'. Very interesting and great acting!

Recommend? Yes.
Re-watch? Probably.

Into The Woods
Okay! So I saw trailers for this movie a while ago and I wanted to see it. Then it came out, usually I don't look at reviews on movies until after I've seen it but I decided to anyways... people were not liking this movie. So I decided to not see the movie. But that didn't last long. A day came where I was just in the mood to give this movie a chance. I don't know why.... But let me tell you the first half of the movie wasn't bad. I actually enjoyed myself. The second half of the movie though, was horrible. I actually wanted to walk out of the theatre. (I haven't walked out of a movie in years!) But I didn't... I paid for this! The acting was good overall, the story was a bit weird and all over the place. I really liked the costumes and hair... Oh and Johnny Depp's part in the movie was so weird!? All the singing really reminded me of 'Sweeney Todd' (which I loved.) I wonder if it was made/created/done by the same person? Because it sounded so much like it but too bad it was no where near as good as Sweeney Todd.

Recommend? Only if you love musicals..
Re-watch? Good God, no.


  1. Stephen Sondheim wrote the music and lyrics to Into The Woods and also did Sweeney Todd. His signature style is hard to miss!

  2. i need to put birdman in my queue. i saw imitation game which was good and I'm with you not sure I'd rewatch it. I really liked into the woods more than i thought i would, the end is not a fairy tale ending and that was kinda hard to swallow, but I really liked it and agree Johnny was a little weird and creepy but I think that was the point ;)


  3. My friend told me about Birdman and how weird it was haha. I really wanted to check it out but looks like it's not playing anymore. Dx

    I love musicals so definitely want to see Into The Woods. I actually didn't hear anything bad (or even good) about it so hopefully it's not super horrible

  4. uhm girl, i LOVE your new header!! I need to put these movies on my list. I am the worst and most behind when it comes to this stuff >.<



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