Mar 19, 2015

Film Roll: January + February

I didn't forget about my monthly roll of film I'm supposed to do! Do? Take? The monthly roll of film I'm supposed to finish. (Yeah, that sounds better.) Anyways I mixed up my rolls and there was a week or two where I didn't take any pictures because of a family member passing. But I did end up finishing two rolls of film! I ended up taking a lot of selfies, pictures of Cap and random pictures of Justin. A lot of pictures didn't turn out so great because it was too dark. You know how Jan and Feb are.. cold months where you don't ever want to go outside or do anything! But here are some of my favourite pictures from the two rolls.
I don't know why but I like this picture of Captain.
 Look at his legs! Derp.
I'm always asking Justin to take a nice picture of me with Cap, but it never turns out nice.
Everyone loves the dog park! :D
Probably on my way to work.
This picture doesn't count, technically. I took this one around Justin's birthday last year. But it was on the roll of film so, whatever! Fun times were had teasing Cap with the balloons. :]
And last but not least... A film burn. My favourite effect from film.


  1. hi! this is my first time on your blog and im really diggin your dog! and film burn is also my favorite!!(but mostly this comment if for your cute dog lol)

  2. Haha look at his noodle-y legs, too cute xx

  3. I love film. These look awesome :D


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