May 20, 2015

Art Gallery of Ontario

This past long weekend Justin and I decided we should start doing more stuff. So we visited the Art Gallery of Ontario. I have never been to this gallery. (Actually I haven't been to many art galleries. Period.) This one was obviously very big, there is lots to see. We spent a couple hours there and we didn't even see everything!

The painting Justin is looking at is by Stephen Andrews. Lots of large paintings. Lots of colour. Lots of texture. So beautiful! His stuff looks like overexposed photographs.
I really liked this room. So much to see.
I forgot where (what floor) I saw this but I was blown away. I thought these were beads but they're just a bunch of dots of paint. It's so perfect! Definitely got a little inspired to finish my paintings and get back into my art.
Here's a ;little collection of a bunch of other stuff I saw. I didn't take too many pictures because there was so much to see. That top left corner one is by Manasie Akpaliapik, who makes his work out of animal bones (mainly whale). Very creepy, interesting and cool.
These were very weird but neat. Lots of large bodies with little heads. I took a few pictures with my film camera. So we'll see how those turn out.
A shot of us before going into the building... when was the last time you went to an art gallery? I did a search for other galleries in Toronto and I'm a bit surprised at how many I found.

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  1. a local place here had a norman rockwell exhibit last year, that was the last time i went to one. i LOVED IT SO MUCH. they had a part that showed the reference photos he took of his neighbors and kids and then how they became the paintings. it was awesome.


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