Jul 1, 2015

Goodbye to coloured hair

I've been dying my hair funky colours off and on for the past 4 years. (I had red/pink hair for a while and then dyed it black before I went on a big family trip) I've done the most hair dying in the last 2.5 years. I've almost been every colour in the rainbow... and even had rainbow hair! But it's time now, to say goodbye to the funky hair dye life.

About a week ago, I stripped the red out of my hair (as much as I could) and bought a box of dark brown hair dye. My hair actually turned out black but whatever... It was time for a change. I still love coloured hair (plus it's fun to change colours every couple of months) but I hate the work, time and money I had to put into my hair every month. Not only that but I had to buy special shampoos and conditioners that wouldn't strip my dye. Sometimes I would stain my clothes or pillow cases... I could go on and on...

I could write a super long post about all the things I learned about coloured hair. All the pros and cons. How to do it properly. How to take care of it. What to look out for, etc.
Ah.. maybe I will?

Anyways, I'm excited about giving my hair a break and letting it get a bit more healthy. Everyone's always told me I look better with dark hair so maybe I'll play around with different shades of browns and highlights? Who knows, there's so much you can do with hair!

Has anyone else had coloured hair and gone back to something a bit more natural? Do you miss it?

P.S. Happy Canada Day! :]


  1. Aw, a fond farewell! I miss my pink hair a lot, mine's dark for work, but I like it this way, too!


    1. Your pink hair looked awesome. Who knows, maybe you'll go back to pink...one day!

  2. I've had quite a few colours in my hair over the years, but that has been off and on due to the upkeep and money involved. I do wish that I could do something more unnatural and creative with my hair.
    However right now, I have a job to think about and have to settle with the subtle blue streaks with my brown hair. For this reason, I've invested in some wigs so I can express myself when I feel like it!

    1. Having wigs is such a good idea. I don't think I would ever wear one out to work (because I don't find them comfortable) but I remember buying a bunch of coloured clip on hair before.

  3. I love having colorful hair! But I take breaks from it too. I keep my hair a light brown and just add pink or purple to it when I get a craving for fun hair. I work in sales so I have to keep it a little professional, but my clients love it!


    1. Yes that is the smart way of doing it. Take breaks! I may go back to colourful hair in a few years but I'm not missing it right now. I just look at the pictures I've taken whenever I feel the urge to dye my hair.


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