Dec 22, 2015

Goals for 2015: Recap

Looking at my goals for 2015, I actually didn't accomplish a lot of them. And I'm okay with that. I did a lot of other things this year. Anyways here's how I did for my goals this year...
Pay half my loan(s) (Yes!)
I did it. I'm at the half way mark! WOO!

A painting a month (Nope)
Ha! I did not do this at all. But I've been drawing and painting a lot more now since I did Inktober.

A roll of film a month (Nope)
I think I started out good with this one but then I slowed down a lot near the end of the year. Eh, It happens.

Design my own fabric (Kinda)
I DID design my own fabric I just never purchased any (other than samples) to make anything out of it.

Lose weight (Kinda)
I did lose some weight this year. Not a super-duper amount but I'm on the right track now and I'm feeling better every day.
How did you do on your goals from 2015?


  1. It doesn't matter if you didn't accomplish the goals, as long as you are happy with how the year went :)
    I feel like I didn't really accomplish the goals that I set either.

    1. Oh yes, I think im happy every year.. you know unless something horrible happen. Well I hope your year was good! :D
      can't believe it's almost 2016!

  2. I love your galaxy drawings!! I think if you've made progress at a its a win! You always inspire me to make goals and actually do something! I'm excited for this year!


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