Mar 30, 2015

Hair appreciation: #2

Hey, look! New hair! I've had this hair colour(s) for about 2 weeks now. I did it before the Toronto ComiCon because I thought it would be fun to have colourful hair for a convention. And I've always wanted colourful hair! It didn't take too much time to do. Maybe a little extra time because of all the separating and awkwardly wrapping my hair with tinfoil. I had to get Justin to help with the back.

I think the most annoying part was bleaching. I normally just do a small bleach bath or I only do my roots If I'm sticking with the same colour. But I had to do a lot more for this multicoloured hair. I ended up doing like, 2 (or 3?) vitamin C treatments and 2 bleach baths! The vitamin C treatments barely did anything this time around (must be because I switched to the 'punky colour' brand?) and by the end of it all, my hair was mostly a light blonde/white on the top and a light peachy colour on the ends. I should have done one more bleach bath but I was getting annoyed/bored, plus I wanted to get to the fun part... adding the actual colour to my hair!

As you can see it came out... alright. Well. Okay! It's pretty good for my first time. This was my first time doing more than 2 colours in my hair. So, It's not a perfect job but It's not horrible! I definitely learned a lot. But I gotta say... I hate the green. All the other colours look good, except the green. It. Just. Looks. Blah!! I'm either going to try to keep this hair for a month or two or I'm thinking of going purple/pink. If I do decide to try to keep the colourful hair, I will be going over the green with a blue or purple. It needs to go! But we shall see... my grandma is visiting from Poland this summer and I don't know if she's ready for this hair, Haha.

Anyways, below are some more pictures of the new hair. Also my new glasses! (If you haven't seen any of my recent vlogs...yes, I wear glasses now.) Have you ever done multicoloured hair before? Did you love it or hate it?
Smelling my hair?
Sexy librarian?
Actually smelling my hair.

Mar 25, 2015

VLOG: Toronto ComiCon

We are back from the Toronto ComiCon, our first con of the year!! This was our 3rd year at this convention and we had a blasty-blast. The con was surprisingly busy, pretty much all weekend (except the last few hours on the last day, which is normal) There were a good amount of cosplayers at this one but sadly I didn't see that many. I guess most of them stayed in the main area of the con/the hall? And because it was pretty busy, I didn't leave my table much the whole weekend. But I will go looking for them at the next one.

Some of the highlights from the weekend; We didn't feel exhausted like we normally do with Fan Expo. People seemed to really like my headbands (sold over half my stock!). Justin sold 3 paintings. I think my hair bows were in a vlog or some sort of video with Space TV?

Above is a video from the weekend. Going from Friday to Sunday. A little bit of talking here and there but mostly just shots around the con. Let me know if you have any questions. Or better yet, if you would like to see something in future convention videos. More cosplayers? More set up shots? More talking? Less Angel, more Justin? haha.

To anyone reading this, that was at the convention and stopped by our table, I just want to say thank you for the support! Especially to the people buying original sketches and paintings. We'll be back next year. 

Our next convention is at Niagara Falls in June. See ya there!

Mar 19, 2015

Film Roll: January + February

I didn't forget about my monthly roll of film I'm supposed to do! Do? Take? The monthly roll of film I'm supposed to finish. (Yeah, that sounds better.) Anyways I mixed up my rolls and there was a week or two where I didn't take any pictures because of a family member passing. But I did end up finishing two rolls of film! I ended up taking a lot of selfies, pictures of Cap and random pictures of Justin. A lot of pictures didn't turn out so great because it was too dark. You know how Jan and Feb are.. cold months where you don't ever want to go outside or do anything! But here are some of my favourite pictures from the two rolls.
I don't know why but I like this picture of Captain.
 Look at his legs! Derp.
I'm always asking Justin to take a nice picture of me with Cap, but it never turns out nice.
Everyone loves the dog park! :D
Probably on my way to work.
This picture doesn't count, technically. I took this one around Justin's birthday last year. But it was on the roll of film so, whatever! Fun times were had teasing Cap with the balloons. :]
And last but not least... A film burn. My favourite effect from film.

Mar 18, 2015

Etsy shop changes

In the next few weeks I will be changing some things in my Etsy shop. Mainly the pricing. I just feel like it's time to change them. Most prices will go up (anything newer, anything tribal patterned.) but a few may stay the same or go down. Some things may even just disappear forever. Who knows?!

I just wanted to give people a heads up in case anyone was thinking about buying something. I've eyed things in shops before, only to come back to it a few weeks/months later to find the prices had gone up. So now is the time to get that weird, colourful or cute print from me...while prices are low. :]

Mar 16, 2015

Through my eyes: Friday the 13th

Long time no video! Haha, okay! So here is a new video. It's kind of like a vlog but with no sound (just some music). I still don't feel super confident with talking to a camera so I decided to take some videos while Justin and I were out one day. This was what we did for most of the day on Friday the 13th.

Let me know what you think and if people like this, maybe I'll try doing something like this more often.

Mar 15, 2015

Toronto ComiCon is coming!

I just wanted to make a quick post that we'll be at Toronto ComiCon this coming weekend! (March 20 - 22) Our 3rd year attending this con and as usual, we'll be in the Artist alley, table A156! So we're pretty much in the middle or it all. Justin has a bunch of new prints and I will have a bunch of new wired headbands!

I know I don't have many Canadian followers but If you're in the area or are planning to attend please come find us and say Hi! :]

Mar 8, 2015

Spring cleaning

So I just got rid of a butt-load of blogs. I actually went through my blog feed and one by one, clicked on each blog and scrolled through a couple of pages of that blog. If I wasn't interested after a few clicks, then I unfollowed. I mainly got rid of any blogs that had round up/wishlists posts more than once a week. Its weird to see how many blogs sort of.... died last year and I just never noticed? :[

I unfollowed a good amount of fashion/lifestyle blogs. (which are my favourite kind of blogs!) I started following blogs a little before I created my own blog, back in college. So a lot of these blogs I've had on my feed for 8+ years! It was hard to do but some of them were just too different from when they first started out. I hope everyone does this at least once a year. Clean out your feeds! And that includes my blog too. If you're not clicking on my posts as much as you used to. Maybe it's time to unfollow me and look out for some new blogs.

I think I started with around 100+ blogs on my feed and I'm down to less than half that. It feels weird to be following so few blogs. So I'm going to going around looking out for some new (to me) blogs. If you have any recommendations or suggestions for blogs you think I'd like to follow, please leave a comment! I love to follow blogs that are about art, crafts, fashion, travel... I'm pretty open! The main thing I look for is pictures (because I'm more of a visual person) and somewhat regular posting. As long as you post a few times a month, I'm happy.

P.S. That picture of pizza just makes me happy. Has nothing to do with this post, haha.

Mar 4, 2015

I'm getting bored...

Lately I've been getting bored. Not of blogging or my blog... just of other blogs and the 'blogging world' in general. I've noticed I've stopped commenting as much as I used to. And I used to comment a lot! But lately it's just all so boring. I don't know if its because it's been a long winter or what? ...but damn!

I have my Bloglovin' feed open right now, I follow about 100 blogs, (so really I only get regular posts from less than half because blogs die...) and as I'm scrolling through the newest posts I find that I'm not clicking on many.

It just feels like I keep seeing the same thing every week... Here's pictures of things around my room. Here's part two of pictures of things around my room. Here's pictures of me in my outfit and everything is c/o, but here's a link so you can have it too for 20% off. Here's a review on something I never use but I got it for free, so here ya go! Here's a tutorial/DIY that's been done a million times but I'm going to pretend like I just came up with it and everyone will comment about how it's so clever. (Or better yet!) Here's a tutorial on how to do something that everyone already knows how to do. Here's another wishlist post. Here's a post about something that's very popular online right now and everyone's already talked about it too! Okay, I think you get the point, Haha.

Just to be clear, I'm not saying I've never done any of the stuff listed above. I know I'm not perfect. I have worked with companies before but its very far and few. I don't post DIY/Tutorials often, especially that I feel are already very well known. But I'm not here trying to make money. I feel like that is part of the problem. Once you start making steady money from your blog you do anything to keep it up or make more. I'm just getting real bored of seeing the same posts from everyone. Everyone's talking about the same things and everyone's trying to make money/get free shit.

I keep thinking maybe I need a break from blogging but that can't be it? I love blogging. I like making posts, I like looking back at old posts and seeing what was happening last year. And I like interacting with people online. I actually want to post more, but I don't have much else going on right now, so I just stick to Instagram. So what is it? Maybe I am burnt out. Maybe I need to delete some blogs off my feed? Maybe I need to start following blogs that are more like mine...smaller and not as known.

I feel like the blogging world has been slowly going down hill the last few years. People are trying too hard, Everyone's trying to make everything look perfect so companies will work with them. Your home shouldn't look perfect. It shouldn't look like it belongs in a magazine. It's okay if it looks like people live there, haha. It doesn't feel real anymore. And I know it's not every blog that's like this... maybe just the 'big' blogs, the well known ones...

Has anyone else gone through this? or maybe you're feeling this too. It can't just be me?!

Mar 2, 2015

Review: February Movies

Jupiter Ascending 
To tell you the truth I was not interested in seeing this movie at all. (which means I went into this one with super low expectations) To me it looked like a movie I would eventually see on Netflix. But Justin really wanted to see it and I was just in a mood to get out of the apartment. This movie, felt very over the top. Mainly the soundtrack... the soundtrack was WAY too much for this movie. A few minutes into the movie the first 'fight/battle' scene was happening and all I could focus on was how out of place the music was. I feel like you should never really notice music in a movie... It should never take away from you watching. The only way you really do notice the music is if its really good and spot on. Or if it's really out of place....Best way I can describe the music/soundtrack in the movie... it felt like the music belonged to a movie that was about God or religion. Like, good vs evil...fighting for mans soul. you know what I mean? A few times I was laughing at it, and even Justin was nodding his head. Later on in the movie there was a whole section that felt like we were watching a star wars movie... so weird.
Anyways other than all that, it was nothing super special or great about this one. It was just a meh movie that was trying to be something really epic and great?

Recommend? No
Re-watch? No

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of Water
Ahh! The new SpongeBob movie! I wanted to see this one opening night (in a nicer theatre) but that never happened. We saw it a week or two later in our regular theatre. And it was awesome!! I don't have anything bad to say about this one. The animation was great, the characters translated well from 2D to 3D, it was weird, it was funny and it was surprising! I don't think I've laughed that hard in a theatre in a very long time. There were a bunch of kids seeing the movie too and I feel like we were laughing the most, haha. Definitely go see this one if you're a fan of SpongeBob. You will leave the theatre happy and in a great mood.

Recommend? Yes
Re-watch? Yes
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