May 20, 2015

Art Gallery of Ontario

This past long weekend Justin and I decided we should start doing more stuff. So we visited the Art Gallery of Ontario. I have never been to this gallery. (Actually I haven't been to many art galleries. Period.) This one was obviously very big, there is lots to see. We spent a couple hours there and we didn't even see everything!

The painting Justin is looking at is by Stephen Andrews. Lots of large paintings. Lots of colour. Lots of texture. So beautiful! His stuff looks like overexposed photographs.
I really liked this room. So much to see.
I forgot where (what floor) I saw this but I was blown away. I thought these were beads but they're just a bunch of dots of paint. It's so perfect! Definitely got a little inspired to finish my paintings and get back into my art.
Here's a ;little collection of a bunch of other stuff I saw. I didn't take too many pictures because there was so much to see. That top left corner one is by Manasie Akpaliapik, who makes his work out of animal bones (mainly whale). Very creepy, interesting and cool.
These were very weird but neat. Lots of large bodies with little heads. I took a few pictures with my film camera. So we'll see how those turn out.
A shot of us before going into the building... when was the last time you went to an art gallery? I did a search for other galleries in Toronto and I'm a bit surprised at how many I found.

May 18, 2015

Niagara Falls Comic Con + a panel

It's almost time for Niagara Falls Comic Con! This will be our second year selling at this con plus... something kind of exciting... we will be participating in a panel talking about animation. How cool is that?!

We will be in the first row of the Artist alley, second table A14. As usual we will have prints, some paintings, hair bows, headbands and possibly something new... The animation panel will be happening on the Sunday at 11am in room 201. Come say Hi!

Right now, I'm trying to decide if I want to take a few videos during our long weekend at Niagara Falls or If I just want to stick to taking a few pictures. I know...this isn't a real problem, haha. I'll probably do a bit of both.
P.S. You can read about past conventions here. And watch a few convention vlogs here.

May 6, 2015

Hair appreciation: #3

This was supposed to post yesterday but I screwed up! I bet you're thinking... why is there another hair post about the same colourful hair? Well, it's not the same colourful hair. It's different! I swear, go look! This is my rainbow/multicoloured hair touched up. I didn't put the exact same colours in the same spots. This time around my hair came out less green but a bit more dark. Which isn't a bad thing because hair fades and gets lighter, so whatever. Truth time! I was not in the mood to take pictures that day. But it was really nice and it was the only time I could do it. And I wanted to document my there's barely any pictures of my face. I really tried to smile and 'look nice' that day but it just wasn't happening.

Okay, this may be a bit random but I feel like sharing... I've been in a weird mood lately and I don't know whats wrong. I feel uninspired and tired all the time. I come home tired and the lay awake in bed most nights. The last few weeks it has gotten so much nicer in Toronto and I'm hating that I'm in a building all day. I take any excuse to go out for a walk. (Captain has been loving the extra long walks, haha) I just wanna be outside and nap forever... but have enough money to live?

Just mentioning this because I see/notice that I've barely posted to my blog last month. (and even just social media in general) Why? Because I haven't been doing anything! Seriously, I go to work and I get home and I work out most nights (watch some Pretty Little Liars) and then I wanna sleep, but can't. I feel like I'm in a weird funk. I keep reminding myself of things coming up, like... the Niagara Con coming up in a month, tattoo appointments and then our big trip to Jamaica for a wedding on October. But even that doesn't always help me...

But I am still here. I am still pretty active on IG and I still check all my favourite blogs. My blog won't die... I mean, good thing I don't make any money off my blog because then I'd feel bad. But I just want to put it out there. When I don't feel like posting, I just don't. I'm sure most people aren't worried haha... Anyways, check out some pretty hair pictures below!
 Back of my hair is very pink and purple.
That lower neck tattoo will get covered up soon! I can't wait!!

May 1, 2015

Review: April Movies

It Follows
Recommend? Yes!
Re-watch? Yes!

Ugh, this movie was amazing! Okay, I might be exaggerating a little but I did really, really like this movie. If you saw the trailer then you know its basically a movie about something following you, taking on the appearance of anyone. And if it catches you, it'll kill you. The only thing you can do is run from it, or pass it on. This movie was creepy. I feel like I haven't seen a good scary/horror movie in a while. There's almost no special effects or CGI. It's just people walking creepily towards the camera with an amazing soundtrack. And that was enough. It got me! (A bunch of times.) The music in the movie alone is scary! Scary, beautiful and awesome. The whole movie is basically tensing up and then relaxing. Tense. Relax. Tense.  Relax. And that's how you should feel during a Horror movie. You should feel how the characters are feeling. (You can listen to the 'It Follows' soundtrack here.) I love it so much, I've already per-ordered the record. I think it would be a great record to play around Halloween time. If you scare easy this may not be a good movie for you, but If you're like me and you love a good scary movie, Go check this one out! It's a little weird, different and there is no clear ending but it's one of those movies you can't get out of your head.

What We Do in the Shadows
Recommend? Yes
Re-watch? Maybe

I was told to go see this one because I'd like it. We ended up seeing this one at The Fox Theatre because it wasn't playing at our regular theatre. I liked it. There were some pretty funny parts in the movie, especially the first half. I don't know if I would ever need/want to watch it again, but maybe?

True Story
Recommend? No
Re-watch? No

The trailer for this movie was better than the actual movie. Okay. It wasn't that bad! There were some really almost 'scary' parts... or parts where I was like, 'omg!?' But other all, this movie should not have been made. What was the point? This movie had no direction. It would have been better as a documentary or something like that. The best part was the acting from Jonah Hill and James Franco. So what was this? Just something for their resume? Maybe...

P.S. I've been thinking about turning my monthly movie reviews into videos! Basically it would be Justin and I talking about the movies we saw that month. I would still do a write up on my blog (like I do now) but I would also include a fun video for you guys to watch too. 
Let me know what you think. If enough people like this idea, you may see a May Movies Review Video soon. :]
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