Sep 15, 2015

Fan Expo 2015

Normally I have a big long post (full of pictures) about Fan Expo a few days afterwards but If you've been around lately you'll know that we moved into our new place 2 days before Fan Expo this year. So it was crazy! The move itself went well. We hired movers (which I have never done before) but they were such a big help and the whole thing was less stressful because of them. Then Justin's Mom and Sister showed up the next day, we were barely unpacked but we made it work.

My cameras are all over the place and most of them packed up still. So I didn't vlog and I didn't go around taking cosplay pictures. Actually, I barely did anything this year... after ComiCon I felt kind of burnt out from all the conventions. I usually feel excited about Fan Expo but this time, I just wasn't feeling it. So I decided to let Justin have the whole table this year. I didn't take any time off, so I only came to help out after work. On the weekend I showed up a couple hours after the show had started. I spent most of our first 2 weeks unpacking and trying to get stuff organized. There is still a lot to do but it is looking a lot better now.
 Justin decided to do a raffle for on of his paintings this year. You might have seen me posting about it, here and there. The raffle went well and he hopes to do another one next year. The convention over all was good. Not our best year but still profitable. It was the first time they set up the expo during a long weekend. I feel like the big vendors didn't do too well because of that but Artist Alley seemed to have always been busy.
The one thing I really enjoyed at Fan Expo this year was getting to try out Cuphead. It is so freaking cute! I can't wait to own it and play it every day. I love everything about it.

P.S. Still some unpacking to do. I had to order a new desk (because my old one is too big) So right now I am not set up. Hopefully I will be up and running in about a week. For sure, I'll be posting somewhat regularly by October. I miss blogging!
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