Oct 27, 2015


I never did a real post about WayHome! This summer I went to WayHome with my best friend Tania. If you don't know what WayHome is, that's okay because It's pretty new. It's a 3 day outdoor, camping music festival in Canada. I've never been to one before but now that I've gone... I want to go to one every summer!

It was 3 days packed full of awesome music, sun, food,  no showers, tent life and good times. I was going to vlog the whole thing but then I thought about it and I just wasn't feeling it. So I took a disposable camera with me. These are the only pictures I have from that awesome long weekend. (this and a few on my cell phone.) Some of my favourite bands I saw; The Decemberists, July Talk, Weaves, The Beaches, and Slow Magic to name a few. And these are all bands I've never heard of before!
 Tania's first time pitching a tent and 'camping'.
 Tania up close and personal with one of her fave bands, The Decemberists. Look how happy she is!
 It rained a little so they were giving out free ponchos!
This was were everyone stayed. Not that pretty looking but there were a lot of people and it wasn't that bad as we thought it would be.
And a picture of me, I think on our first day.

I definitely am going to try to go to WayHome again next year. It was such a fun experience. And maybe see if we can get a few more people to join us. The more the merrier.

Have you ever been to a camping music fest?

Oct 20, 2015

A Wedding in Jamaica

Last week Justin and I flew to Jamaica for a week to celebrate a wedding. We stayed in the Grand Bahia Principe Resort. This was actually our first 'big' trip together. (And this was Justin's first time on a plane and first time out of Canada!) And our first time staying at a resort!

The resort itself was pretty cool. I don't have anything to compare it to but I was blown away at how nice our rooms were. How nice the staff were and how beautiful everything was. The unlimited food and drinks is pretty freakin' awesome too.
Two days before our trip, the bride and groom had a reception/party for their friends and family that weren't coming to Jamaica. It was fun. Lots of candy and dancing!
Two of my animation teachers from school came to the reception too. They are the couple on the right of me. :]
In Jamaica, enjoying the pool. It was overcast most of the week and it rained a tiny bit but it was still really warm there.
I didn't take many pictures of the wedding itself because I was one of the bridesmaids. (can you find me?) Justin took a few with my camera but they all turned out kind of foggy because I was using it in the pool so much.
I've got a bunch of pictures of Justin jumping into the pool. This ones pretty awesome. It looks like he slipped on something.
When you have an underwater camera, you take pictures underwater. Duh!
The beach was pretty awesome too. The sky was so pretty on this day. Overall we had a pretty relaxing week in Jamaica. I can see us staying at resorts in the future.
Have you ever stayed at a resort?

P.S. you can see a couple more pictures I took with my phone on my Instagram.

Oct 5, 2015


Long time no post! I can't believe it's already October?! I mean the year is almost done. Where did the time go? We have finally some-what settled into our new place. There are still about 10 (or so) boxes that still need unpacking but I have my computer set up. And that's all the really matters! I should be back to blogging at least once or twice a week.

I decided to participate in InkTober. Mainly because I had realized that I haven't drawn, sketched or painted anything in weeks.... or more like, months! If you don't know what InkTober is, it's where you do a drawing (an inked drawing) every day for the month of October. Every year I forget about InkTober until it's almost half way through the month and then I'm too lazy to do anything about it. But not this year! I'm posting my daily Inks on my Instagram (Justin is also participating. You can check out his drawings here.)

In other news, we are leaving very soon for a week long trip, (Our first time in Jamaica!) so I don't know if there will be Wi-Fi there. If there is I will try to keep posting. If not, I will be flooding peoples feeds with a weeks worth of doodles when I return.

Below are my favourite sketches I've done so far.
I loved how this one turned out. I was using Justin's fancy markers. He doesn't have a brown fancy marker, so I couldn't colour in the stem of the pumpkin. It's kinda bothering me... but whatcha gonna do?
Totally inspired by Sailor Moon. (as usual) I just wanted to draw something with a 'light source.'

Is anyone else participating in InkTober?
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